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These pages are sponsored by Templecombe Parish Council in conjunction with www.templecombe.org.uk.  The Parish Council meet every month in Templecombe United Reform Church Hall.

To Email Parish council Clerk: abbasandtemplecombepc@hotmail.co.uk

Templecombe Parish Council Meetings

Parish Council Meeting Agendas (Click on Date Required) Parish Council Meeting Minutes (Click on Date Required)
PC Agenda 12.04.16.htm PC Mins 12.04.16.htm
PC Agenda 10.05.16.htm PC Mins 10.05.16.htm
PC Agenda 14.06.16.htm PC Mins 14.06.16.htm
PC Agenda 12.07.16.htm PC Mins 12.07.16.htm
PC Agenda 09.08.16.htm PC Mins 09.08.16.htm
PC Agenda 13.09.16.htm No Record JHeld
PC Agenda 11.10.16.htm PC Mins 11.10.16.htm
PC Agenda 08.11.16.htm PC Mins 08.12.16.htm
PC Agenda 13.12.16.htm PC Mins 13.12.16.htm
PC Agenda 10.01.17.htm PC Mins 10.01.17.htm
PC Agenda 14.02.17.htm Not Yet Available
PC Agenda 14.03.17.htm Not Yet Available
PC Agenda 11.04.17.htm and PC Annual Mins 11.04.17.htm Not Yet Available

Templecombe Parish Council Annual Return and accompanying notices

The Abbas & Templecombe Parish Council annual returns and accompanying notices are available to view here.

Templecombe Parish Council Notes

The Abbas & Templecombe Circular Walk guide has now been published. Copies of this booklet are available from Westcombe stores, newsagents and the Parish council clerk.  Contact (01963) 370527 for details. For an amended on-line version please click here.


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