Minutes of the Meeting held on the

14th June 2016


PRESENT  Councillors M Batchelor (Chairman), R Cave (Vice Chair), T Loader, J Grierson, C James, G Wilson,  C Hukins, A Haskell,



3 Parishioners


Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed the Parishioners


Trish Foers raised the following items:-

·          up date on the road Scheme

·         Currently there were no defibrillators in the Village

·         The Growing Space project, at the Balsam Centre,  may be seeking access to land for a growing project in a raised bed.   The recreation ground had been suggested.


Chairman referred to an e mail received from Martyn Evans – SCC in connection with the recent cameras that had been installed on build outs 1 and 4.  The results were not conclusive and Members would be  discussing what further action should be taken in the closed section of the meeting.


Allan Kerry referred to his damaged wall, at his property on the High Street.  He was still awaiting to hear from William Wallace or Martyn Evans as to who he had to contact as it would be necessary to shut the road when the repair was carried out.   He was intending to reinstate the wall more substantially then it was originally.  The missing wall, on his neighbours property was encouraging vehicles to go on to his driveway.  He was not happy with the conclusion reached from the camera at build out 4, especially at peak times when the traffic is heavy or when large HGVs have to negotiate the build out.   It was noted that there were sleeping policemen at Bruton, on an A Road.  Also it seemed emergency vehicles were having to use their sirens more when passing through the Village and it was asked whether they had been contacted prior to the road scheme being constructed.


Andrew Denton enquired whether any speed monitoring had been carried out in the Village as it was indicated that this would happen when the road scheme had bedded in. According to his knowledge the  Chairman did not think there had,  He enquired about the Community Speedwatch Scheme that had once taken place in the Village.  Chairman commented that it had been disbanded but the Parish Council did still have the equipment.  If a future group was to be set up it would need at least 6 – 8 people to run it.  Training would be provided and the Police would assess suitable locations.  Chairman suggested that the Clerk contact Mr Peter Bland – SSDC to obtain information as to what was required to start up a group.



Paula Batchelor, Sarah Webb, Mr William Wallace (District/County Councillor), Mr Tim Inglefield (District Councillor), PCSO's Thelma Mead, John Winfield



It was proposed by R Cave and seconded by C James that the draft Minutes, as previously circulated, be agreed as correct and signed by the Chairman.



R Cave had completed a Dispensation in respect of the Sports and Social Club, as Committee Member, and declared an interest in Agenda item 16 B) 1).  T Loader also declared an interest in Agenda item 16 B) 1).


4             CORRESPONDENCE

Received since the last meeting as discussed:-

1)       BT Broadband delivery in rural areas – e mail dated 6.6.16.  Chairman read out the e mail. Shaun Dale – BT Group would be invited to attend the July meeting to give a presentation on Broadband in Rural Areas.  It was agreed that this should start at 7 pm, with the normal meeting following on.  Parishioners would also be invited to attend. Clerk would put up notification.

2)       Henstridge Youth Club – e mail dated 14.5.16.  Chairman read out the e mail.  The Youth Club have 30 young people registered with on average 20 attending, some from Templecombe.  They were enquiring whether the Parish Council would be able to make a donation towards the costs of the Youth Club.  Clerk reported that donations for 2016/17 would be included on the Agenda for the July meeting and it was agreed to consider the Youth Club's request at that time.   Clerk would find out how many young people from Templecombe were attending.

3)       St Mary's Roof Appeal – Wedding Dress Festival – Fund raising – letter from C Scott. Chairman read out the letter asking for a donation towards the costs of flowers to enhance the Church for the Wedding Dress Festival.  It was proposed by J Grierson and seconded by C James the sum of £60.00 should be given.  Members present were in agreement. 

4)       WI – e mail dated 20.5.16.  Chairman referred to the e mail.  The WI group were going to carry out a litter pick in the Village on Sunday 19th June.  A safety assessment has been carried out by a member of the group.  Chairman pointed out that to carry out work on the highway training was required.  The WI were happy with their arrangements and would carry out the litter pick on the 19th June.


5             PLANNING

1)       Determination of Applications

Application no 16/00526/LBC – Remove the outside porch on the front elevation and fix the door on the front elevation permanently closed – Brinecombe  5 High Street  Templecombe (Granted)

2)       Notification of Area East Committee Meeting  held on the 8th June 2016 at 9.00 am at The Council Offices  Churchfield  Wincanton (R Cave)

R Cave informed Members that there were no matters to report.

3)       Planning application no 16/02267/COU – Changing the use of an existing garage into a commercial kitchen – The Old Farmhouse Stowell Hill Stowell  Milborne Port DT9 4PE

Members discussed the application and raised no planning issues.

4)       Proposed application for Caravan Club Certified Location – Manor Farm  Templecombe

The Parish Council had been informed that an application had been submitted to the Caravan Club for a Caravan Club Certified Location on the site of Manor Farm Templecombe for five caravans.  The following points of concern were raised:-

·         This application may lead to a larger number of caravans in the future

·         Due to the nearby properties screening may be an option but this would take any view away

·         Entrance to and from Manor Farm, on to the A357, is at the brow of a steep hill.  Visibility is restricted

·         Affect on the environment. 

Chairman indicated that the application would be monitored.

5)       SSDC – Changes to Section 106 Contributions Policy – letter dated 23.5.16

Circulated to Members prior to meeting.  It was noted that SSDC would not be seeking contributions towards local community and leisure projects from smaller schemes unless there is clear and robust evidence to justify an exception.

6)       SSDC – Consultation on Modifications to Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule

Circulated to Members prior to meeting.  As a result of feedback changes had been made and the modifications were noted.

7)       Slades Hill 106 Agreement – update if applicable

No matters to report.

8)       Other

It was noted that security fencing was being erected around the boundary of the School.  Some trees had been removed on L  Bennett's land and he had contacted the School direct to ascertain what further trees/vegetation would need removing.

Clerk reported that an acknowledgement had been received from SSDC concerning the enquiry made in respect of 41 Bowden Road.



1)       To approve accounts and sign cheques

It was proposed by R Cave and seconded by T Loader that the following cheques be paid:-


M Batchelor – Refund for purchase of software for newsletter                                              39.95

SALC – Audit Training fee 3.5.16                                                                                                  15.00

Glasdon UK Limited – Box of 200 dog bags for Recreation Ground                                   42.07

Templecombe United Reformed Church – Donation for delivery of

newsletters 2016/17                                                                                                                         100.00

J Pratt (Groundsman) – Recreation Ground/Churchyard/Burial

Ground – Salary/Expenses May 2016                                                                                         409.67

T Chapman (Clerk) – Salary/Expenses June 2016                                                                   352.17

Sara Moseley – Flowers for St Mary's Wedding Dress Festival                                                 60.00


2)       Other

Clerk reported that the May Utility Warehouse electricity account, for the changing rooms, amounted to £17.92.  The following interest had been received as at the 31st May 2016:-


NatWest Business Reserve Account – 85p

NatWest Business Reserve Account (Play Equipment Appeal) – 3p


Also the following payments had been received:-


SSE – Wayleave payment 2016/17                                                                15.61

Templecombe Rovers Football Club – Refund for

water and electricity as at 4.2.16                                                   218.78

Templecombe Village Hall – Rent 2016/17                                   30.00

Templecombe Sports and Social Club - 1st payment

-         water refund                                                                       275.00

Sara Moseley – donation towards expenses for flowers

for fund raising event – St Mary's Wedding Festival                  60.00


Prior to the meeting a cheque for £103.10 had been drawn, payable to Came and Company, in respect of the additional insurance premium required for the extra items of play area equipment that had been included on the policy.



C Hukins reported that the next joint meeting with the Scout Group would take place on the 23rd June and the next Group meeting would be on the 28th June.

1)       Scout Hut proposals – Letter dated 15.5.16 - 2nd Templecombe Scout Group

Chairman read out the letter received from the Scout Group expressing their thanks for the offer of a 60 year lease and confirming they wished to proceed in the matter of negotiating a new lease as soon as possible. 

Chairman circulated a draft proposed terms of lease for the Scouts to Members.  It was suggested that these be taken away for consideration and further discussion at the next meeting.   Further points were noted:-

·         Access would be needed, during any works, for funeral vehicles/digging equipment.  Works would have to be suspended upon request.

·         Consideration given to the position of the Village Hall oil tank.  If the oil tank was relocated it would be at the expense of the Scout Group.



A Haksett attended the Village Hall meeting and reported the following:-

·         Fees for the hire of the hall were discussed and it was agreed that they should remain unchanged as they were felt appropriate to the length of hiring

·         Boiler had been serviced

·         Electrical work had been carried out

1)       Quotations for rendering Village Hall – update

A Haskett reported that he had been unable to obtain a quote for the rendering.  Clerk reported that a verbal quote had been received from a contact in Wincanton, amounting to £3,986.00 for labour and materials.  This figure did not include necessary scaffolding or a skip.  It was suggested that a quote be requested from some larger firms and it was agreed Clerk should contact HHP Ltd and Burfitt and Garrett Ltd.  It was hoped a decision could be made at the next meeting.

2)       Other

Clerk reported that the Village Hall had now received a bill for £804.00, inclusive of VAT, for the electrical works already carried out.  This included the electrical check.  The check had raised two items that needed attention and a quote for these works had been received amounting to £300.00, inclusive of VAT.  The Village Hall had instructed Andy Sumner to carry out the works.  Members were in agreement that the works should be carried out and the cost met by the Parish Council, along with the costs already incurred.  The Village Hall may wish to make a contribution towards the costs.



Clerk reported that one application had been received, Chairman read out his e mail.  It was agreed to invite the candidate to attend the next meeting.



J Grierson reported that two meetings had taken place.  He had met with G Mackett (County Officer) – SCC and R Cave/Clerk.  A guide had been downloaded and risk areas had been identified i.e. the possibility of a HGV hitting the bridge, a road accident, an incident at Thales.  If an incident occurred a place of safety would need to be identified i.e. the Village Hall, URC Hall/Church, St Mary's Church, School, pub.  Also it may be necessary to obtain some funds to purchase equipment i.e. walkie talkies.   A list of people with useful skills and knowledge would need to be drawn up.  An initial plan has been prepared but was not ready to be circulated to Members.  The document would be live and ongoing due to changes that would occur.  Once it had been completed copies would need to be lodged with various people/groups within the Village and the emergency services. 


11           HIGHWAY MATTERS

1)       Road Scheme – update e mail dated 18.5.16 SCC (Martyn Evans)

Chairman read out the e mail.  It reported that the data received from the recent cameras, at build out 1 and 4,  showed no real issues.  There were a few occasions when vehicles had to reverse but this was a rare occurrence.  The information was disappointing, along with the support from SCC.  It was felt a letter should be sent to Richard Crouch at SCC to ascertain whether any further effort was to be made to take the matter further or whether that is the final offer.  It was agreed to copy in our MP. 

T Loader reported that it was apparent the timing of the traffic lights, at the crossing, were not giving enough time for people to cross. 

2)       SCC SID Reports for A357 Tower Hill location – April/May 2016

The results were noted.

3)       Speed watch in Templecombe – A Denton – e mail dated 5.6.16

Chairman read out the e mail received from Andrew Denton concerning the possibility of setting up a community speed watch scheme in the Village.  The Parish Council had run a scheme in the past.  It was suggested that Clerk should contact Peter Bland – Chair of South Somerset Community Speed Watch to ascertain what is now required is a new group was set up.

4)       WI enquiry – Area at the entrance to East Street

Chairman reported that an enquiry had been received from the WI concerning an area of overgrown land, at the entrance to East Street from the High Street, adjacent to the two empty shops.  Clerk had made enquiries of Highways as to ownership of land.  A plan had been supplied showing the land defined as maintainable at public expense and it is believed the area referred to is within those extents.   There were certain conditions that would have to be met.  G Wilson reported that he understood that the section of land was in private ownership.  Clerk would respond to the WI and suggest they contact the owner of the adjacent property.

5)       Other

A Haskett reported that the pot hole opposite his property, 39 High Street, had been repaired but the repair had come out of the pot hole already.  Clerk would inform Highways. 

Clerk reported the indentation developing on the trench, adjacent to build out 3, on Church Hill.  Highways had indicated that it would be investigated and appropriate action taken.


12           FOOTPATHS

1)       WN 29/1 Hiscocks footpath level crossing – update

J Grierson reported that he had been across to the level crossing and no work had been carried out to the crossing.  He had arranged to to visit the site with Arlo Cuss to ascertain which of the fields might be affected if there was a possibility to re-route the bridleway if the cattle creep could be utilised.  If there was a possibility the railway would have to meet any compensation payment.  J Grierson intended to pursue the matter further.



C James reported all the trees were in good order.



1)       Maintenance of closed Churchyard and Burial Ground – update

a)            Section of Churchyard wall – adjacent to Church House – update

Clerk reported that an e mail, dated 13.6.16, had now been received from the Archdeacon granting permission to the Parish Council to proceed to repair the wall, as per the schedule of works supplied by Mr Tom Trouton, according to his estimate dated 11th January 2016 at a cost of approximately £4,450 excluding VAT.   Clerk would now contact Tom Trouton.


2)       Availability of plots to non-parishioners

Clerk reported that an enquiry had been received for the possible purchase of a plot from a non-parishioner, on behalf of his mother.  The fees for a plot are doubled for a non-parishioner.  Members felt that if the matter arose a decision could be made at the time as there may well be a link to the Village.  Clerk would seek more information.

3)       Other

No matters to report.


15           NEWSLETTER

Chairman reported that the June newsletter had been distributed.  The next edition would include an article on the Pageant and a reminder of the speed limits within the Village.  The software had been purchased.



A)           Play Area

1)       Weekly/Quarterly/Annual Play Area Inspection Reports


Following matters in need of attention:-

a)            Fence in North-East corner – posts broken off and pushed over – update (G Wilson)

G Wilson reported that he was able to carry out the work to the fence on Thursday.  The rolls of fencing would cost approximately £30.00 each.

b)            Loose bolt – Cone Climber – update

It was noted that the bolt was still working loose.  Proludic had been contacted and would take the matter back to the manufacturer, Rubicon, and report back to the Parish Council.

2)       106 Agreement – Hillcrest – Play Area draft Management Plan update/Draft Revenue Award Offer – update if applicable

Clerk report that Rob Parr is now back at work and hoped to get back to the Parish Council by the end of the month.

B)           Social Club

1)       Social Club Report (C Hukins/C James)

C Hukins reported that he had attended the meeting held last Tuesday.  A further Committee meeting would be taking place tonight to deal with the ongoing concerns and a meeting for the Members was scheduled for Wednesday 15th June.

C)      Review of Children's Play Area signage

Clerk reported the present wording on the sign attached to the railings and the gate sign.  It was agreed to add “no cycles” to the railing sign and take out details of the nearest telephone box.  The gate sign was acceptable.  Vale Signs and Print had quoted £55.00 for the railings sign and £40.00 for the gate sign.  Members were in agreement to order the railings sign and two gate signs.  Fitting amounted to £30.00 but it was felt this could be done by the Parish Council. 

D)      Condition of boundary hedge bordering Recreation Ground and P Jeanes property

Chairman reported that he and the Clerk had inspected the hedge and although there was  some growth it was felt this was natural. 

E)           Other

No matters to report.



Members discussed the current rate paid to the URC for delivering the quarterly newsletter.  Currently they were being given £25.00 a delivery.  It was agreed that this should be increased to £35.00 a quarter for 2017/18.  All Members were in agreement.

A Haskett reported that the seat on Bowden Road had been surrounded by logs.  The seat was in need of re-varnishing and the undergrowth needed removing.  Also the footpath, off the High Street, was becoming impassable due to vegetation growth.


A closed confidential session followed to review personnel salaries.  It was proposed by C Hukins and seconded by J Grierson that the Clerk's hourly rate should be increased to £12.50, to take effect from July 2016.  All Members were in agreement.


Meeting closed at 9.55 pm          signed................................................................dated................