Minutes of the Meeting held on the

13th December 2016


PRESENT Councillors M Batchelor (Chairman), R Cave (Vice Chair), A Haskell, T Loader, J Grierson, G Wilson, Paula Batchelor, C Hukins



4 Parishioners


Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed the Parishioners.


A Kerry confirmed that C Mintern was endeavouring to obtain video footage of evidence of congestion but had only be able to do so at quiet times at present. A Green had offered to take photos of the build outs. He wondered if the Speed watch scheme might be able to provide evidence of speeding vehicles to strengthen the case.

A Denton confirmed that the Community Speed Watch group had carried out six sessions at the agreed locations.



Sarah Webb, C Mintern, C James, William Wallace (District/County Councillor), Tim Inglefield (District Councillor), PCSO John Winfield



It was proposed by J Grierson and seconded by Paula Batchelor that the draft Minutes, as previously circulated, be agreed as correct and signed by the Chairman.



A Haskell declared an interest in Agenda item 7 Templecombe Scout Group. T Loader declared an interest in Agenda item 15 B) Social Club.



Received since the last meeting as discussed:-

1)       Somerset Waste Partnership Monthly Waste Partnership Briefing November 2016. Clerk had circulated the communication to Members prior to the meeting. Noted.

2)       Citizens Advice South Somerset Letter dated 10.11.16. Chairman read out the letter and referred to the pie chart showing the number of clients from the various wards that had contacted CAB. Blackmore Vale totalled 37 from April to September 2016. It was agreed that the CAB be considered for a donation the next time donations are considered.

3)       CAB Surviving Winter 2016-17 email dated 7.11.16. Chairman read out the e mail. People who do not need their Winter Fuel Payment were encouraged to donate it so that it could be redistributed to elderly residents suffering from fuel poverty in the county. Clerk would put a copy of the notification on the noticeboards. Somerset County Council had also sent an e mail with some tips for staying well this Christmas, which would also be put on the noticeboards.

4)       Henstridge Airfield Minutes of the meeting held on the 19.10.16. Chairman summarised the minutes to Members.

5)       Free tree packs for schools and community Richard Kaskow (Henstridge Parish Councillor). Chairman read out the communication. Clerk had sent a copy to the School.

6)       Chris Cooper SSDC Streetscene Offer of Christmas tree shredding. Chairman read out the copy e mail. SSDC were offering a a free Christmas tree recycling facility for the parish. A location would need to be identified and a compound would be installed for the trees to be left in for shredding. Clerk had spoken to Donna Bridgwood, in respect of the Village trees, and she felt this would be a good way to deal with disposal of the village trees. It was felt that the only suitable location for the compound would be at the recreation ground, on the overflow car park area. Members were in agreement for the Village to have a compound. Clerk would contact Chris Cooper SSDC.

7)       Christine Scott St Mary's Roof Appeal Committee Donation request for Christmas Tree Festival 2016. Chairman read out the letter. Members were in agreement for the sum of 50.00 to be given. Chairman felt that the Committee could submit a request when the Parish Council consider their giving for the year.




1)       Determination of Applications

Application no 16/03983/FUL Erection of a stable building Land OS 0572 Part Combe Hill Templecombe Somerset BA8 0LL (Granted)

2)       Notification of Area East Committee Meeting held on the 7th December 2016 at 9.00 am at The Council Offices Churchfield Wincanton (R Cave).

R Cave confirmed that the meeting, at the Henstridge Airfield, was included in the December meeting.

3)       Planning application no 16/04551/REM Application for the approval of the remaining reserved matters (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) of outline planning permission 13/03116/OUT (Mixed use development comprising up to 75 dwellings, B 1 a, b and c employment, Templecombe Confirmation of response to application.


1.Not all the plans submitted are up to date

Some of the plans still show a house rather than a bungalow at plot 32 - all plans need to be up to date.

2.Junction to main road A357

We are obviously aware that the planning department had to pay costs in relation to the original requirement for there to be a ghost lane in order to keep traffic moving and make the junction safe. The developers were able to prove that the wrong guidelines were used and the planning inspector agreed. However the developers would not have fought this requirement had it not been impossible to implement and therefore a deal breaker in terms of progression of the development.

The issue remains

i) Although the link through to the Thales site would require additional planning permission the road through the development and the subsequent junction with the A357 has the potential to carry a considerable volume of traffic. The current proposal is based on the surveys completed 3 years ago. Since then the village road layout has been changed and it is agreed that this has led to cars travelling even faster at this point as they accelerate away from the build outs. Recent monitoring consistently meets the criteria for speed monitoring equipment. When monitoring is in place it shows some traffic travelling in excess of 60 miles per hour. We therefore request that a new traffic survey be carried out and the results be taken into account before allowing the development to commence.

ii) Because of the pattern of traffic movements in the village particularly with school, buses or employees entering and leaving Thales there are times in the day when there is already traffic congestion in the village. The backup of traffic on the A357 whilst traffic is waiting to turn right has the potential to cause a complete breakdown of movement within the village, particularly if buses or heavy Lorries are stuck between the build outs.

iii) The visibility splay to the A357 will be hindered by the proposed 0.8m store wall. Should the proposed planting also be completed that will further block the visibility up the A357 especially given as the road slightly bends back away.

iv) It is noted that the development, of 75 houses and two industrial complexes, has only one vehicle escape route should a major problem occur within the large adjoining complex.

3. Position of employment land

Previous plans have shown employment land located on the right hand side. The current proposed layout reflects what was a quick change from retail land use at the point the application went to enquiry. The Council consider that the placement of an employment area towards the back of the estate is a poor decision. The number of visitors and "white van delivery drivers" will be a major hazzard to children and other walkers within the development. We suggest that all of the employment land be placed at the entry to the development so that the risk of accident is greatly reduced.

4. Provision of LEAP

The 106 agreement signed on 4.10.13 clearly indicated the provision of a LEAP. In previous applications this has been sited next to the 'playing' field. In this current proposal it is positioned in the 'village green' By definition a village green is a common area of grassland suitable for grazing - clearly this area does not meet that definition. In addition the proposed location of the LEAP is surrounded on 3 sides by road, one of the roads having the potential to link to Thales and therefore carry considerable traffic. Even under the current provision its position next to the employment land is inappropriate.

5. Provision of Youth Facilities

The 106 agreement signed on 4.10.13 clearly indicated the provision of a Youth Facilities on site but there is no area indicated on the current planning application for this provision.

6. Fencing of School Field.

The layout suggests the playing field to be a community area accessible to all and only secured by deer park fencing. However in the 106 agreement signed on 4.10.13 clearly indicated the provision of this playing field to the County Council as a School Field. This will not be accessible to all, will need to be securely fenced and accessed from the school only.

7. Provision of Community facilities

The Parish Council have indicated repeatedly that rather than having provision of a building at the site of the Community Hall that the wish for a contribution.

8. Access to drainage

The existing villagers have considerable concern at the planned link to existing sewage. Given the issues with the current capacity within the village the proposed plans do not seem to address this.

9. Mix of social housing

Distribution of social hosing is bias towards proximity to existing properties and not to the properties within the development - this is illustrated by the fact there is no social housing in the top right hand corner of the development which contains the highest value A and B houses. The development therefore seems to creating sub areas of more desirable development at the cost to the residents in Blackmore Vale Close.

10. Provision of trees

The provision of trees creates an extremely high barrier due to height differences along the properties on the right side of Blackmore Vale Close with potential loss of light - especially as this is south facing. There is also no indication of safeguarding of original walls from root damage along the Hamlet boundary wall part of which is listed and the Gabion walls surrounding Blackmore Vale Close.

11. Fencing

The line of 1.8m fencing extending at the back of Blackmore Vale Close will be disproportionally tall due to the height of the field compared to the existing properties adding an additional 1.5m to the height of the field in some locations.

There is no indication of any provision of protection fencing of the gabion wall around Blackmore Vale Close or the Hamlet - including the listed wall in the corner of the Hamlet and Blackmore Vale Close.

12. Lighting

The difference in height between existing properties and the application will result in considerable issues with any planned street lighting as this will be at first floor level at the Hamlet and the left hand side of Blackmore Vale Close.

13. Protected Species - Slow worm Anguis fragilis

There are a number of colonies of slowworms in the Gabion walls around Blackmore Vale Close and The Hamlet - their proximity of these areas to construction shows no consideration for protection of this species in this location

14. Further requests for change by the developer

The proposed designs for the dwelling houses to be built are currently in, what the architect describes as "in keeping with the village environment and not a standard building block such as used by the major developers". We expect that should proposals be made by the developer for a change of property style, to save the developer money, be refused.

15. Interests of the villagers of Templecombe

The Parish Council expect to be kept up to date on the negotiations with the developer and that no "deals" be made that would put the developer in a better position than indicated by the current planning request. At the public meeting on 28th September the architect made many references to the previous planning application especially in relation to the Section 106 Agreement and we will not accept changes that would be at the cost of the village.

16. It is anticipated that a method of construction i.e. plans for controlling dust, mud and contractor parking will apply to the development in order to minimise disruption particularly if it effects the main road - A357.

4)       Slades Hill development/Slades Hill 106 Agreement update

a) Community Hall provision Tim Cook SSDC e mail dated 28.11.16

Chairman read out e mail from Tim Cook. He offered any assistance or support in respect of the proposal of a Community Hall or alternatively he could help with liaising with other SSDC services to help with assessing existing hall provision and the potential for improvements. There was also the potential to use any developers contributions to match other sources of funding.


Chairman reported on the meeting held at SSDC on the 6th December with Adrian Noon and David Norris. Also present were Rob Parr, Ali Cameron, William Wallace, Tim Inglefield, Sarah Webb and Clerk. The following points were made and discussed:-

         LEAP would be relocated adjacent to playing field, some of the houses would be repositioned to allow this change

         Community Hall The Parish Council have intimated that they would prefer the contribution, from the 106 Agreement, as opposed another hall facility. The Scout Group wanted to proceed with a new lease on their present site. It was suggested that if the Community Hall was not proceeded with then could that area of land be given to the Parish Council and then offered, for rent, to the Scout Group for new premises as the site is adjacent to the playing field and present school field. Adrian Noon (SSDC) commented that this option would have to be referred back to the applicants. He suggested that consideration should perhaps be given to re-positioning the Community Hall to the allotment area as space is limited where it is now and in the future more space may be beneficial.

         Employment units Thales are interested in the units adjacent to their site. They may now not have the option to link the site with the development due to the number of entries on the estate road. They may be able to have a pedestrian access or an entrance for small vehicles, subject to planning. A Haskell felt that the link road to the Thales site would have been a good move as it would take some of the Thales traffic out of the Village with access from the Wincanton direction.

         Members expressed a concern as to the Employment units as it was felt that these were still an issue and in the wrong place. If the Employment units were situated at the entrance to the site Thales would be able to access them from the A357 and would not be driving through a residential estate.

         The junction with the A357 was discussed. Adrian Noon SDDC stated that the 110,000.00 referred to in the 106 Agreement, for road improvements, is a payment from the developers. The question was asked whether this sum could be used to address the issues with the road scheme or make any alterations to the junction into the development.

         Adrian Noon SSDC thought that a ransom strip would be included around the entire site.

         More information had been sought on the drainage and it was now envisaged that revised plans would be received in January 2017 and the application would be put before Area East in February 2017.

         Chairman felt that Members still had deep concerns about the employment units. He proposed that the Parish Council raise again an objection as to the position of the employment units and comment on some of the other points raised and discussed. Members were in agreement and the Chairman agreed to put together a response to SSDC which would initially be circulated to Members for approval.



1)       To approve accounts and sign cheques

It was proposed by R Cave and seconded by Paula Batchelor that the following cheques be paid:-


RBL Poppy Appeal Donation for wreath 2016 50.00

Peter Coombes Garden Services Hedge cutting, Vine Street hedge 130.00

Grant Thornton UK LLP Audit fees yr end 2016 240.00

D C Garden Machinery Strimmer repair 41.70

J Pratt (Groundsman) Salary/Expenses November 2016 Recreation

Ground, Burial Ground and Churchyard 222.00

T Chapman Salary/Expenses December 2016 437.66


2)       Other

Clerk reported that the November Utility Warehouse electricity account, for the changing rooms, amounted to 8.21. The following interest had been received:-


as at 31.10.16 as at 30.11.16


NatWest Business Reserve Account 0.82 0.31

NatWest Business Reserve Account

(Play Equipment Appeal Fund) 0.03 0.01


The following cheque had been received and banked:-


G Holmes Memorials fee for headstone (L Pattle deceased) - 104.00



1)       Scout Hut proposals update

C Hukins reported that at the last Scout Group meeting the possible use of the Community Hall site, on the Slades Hill development, adjacent to the playing field had been discussed and the Scout Group would be happy to look further at this arrangement if it arose in the future. C Hukins indicated that he thought it had been agreed at the November meeting that the Lease to the Scout Group, in relation to their current facilities, was put on hold and stopped. The Members present did not feel that this was the case and instructions for the preparation of the lease had been given to Rutter and Rutter Solicitors. T Loader would speak to Andy Smith to confirm the situation and inform Clerk accordingly.

The next Scout Group meeting was schedule for the 17th January 2017.



1)       Quotations for rendering Village Hall update

Clerk reported that a copy of the revised specification had been sent to T F Builders, no reply had been received to date. Chairman questioned whether it would be possible to clad the front of the hall.

2)       Other

A Haskell reported that he had attended a Village Hall Committee meeting on 9th November and the following matters were covered:-

         It was hoped the Village Hall would continue to receive full rate relief

         Awaiting revised electric certificate

         Scouts water bill

         A sewer blockage had been dealt with

         A plumber would be employed to deal with the broken water cylinder in the gents toilets

         Next meeting scheduled for the 1st February 2017



J Grierson reported that he felt the initial approach to this project was wrong as a number of the organisations in the Village had their own plans. He felt it would be more beneficial to generate a flow chart that anyone could pick up and use in an emergency. It would indicate how a response should be made and what would be needed to address a situation as there would always be the need for different approaches. J Grierson and R Cave would give the matter further consideration.



A copy of the consultation, as to street trading, had been circulated to Members prior to the meeting. On an initial look it was felt that it was unlikely to affect the Parish but Members were asked to review the document and let Clerk have any comments before the closure date of the consultation.



Chairman referred to the letter dated 9th November from SSDC. Currently there are three Dog Control Orders (DCOs) in place within SSDC Councils area, covering dog fouling and dogs on leads by order. Environmental Health officers have reviewed the current DCOs and believe a new Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) is required to continue to control dog fouling and associated matters across the district. The PSPO would enable officers to enforce collection of dog faeces by owners and require that dogs are put and kept on leads where necessary. Consultation takes place until 8th January 2017.



1)       Road Scheme Update/report on sub-committee meeting held on the 30.11.16

Chairman reported that he had received a good feed of information from the Parish representatives on the sub committee and had started to put together a report. It was felt that the report should reflect what is wrong with the scheme and what could be done to correct it. Alex Green had agreed to take photos of each of the build outs from a driver's perspective. Chairman and C Mintern would try and obtain video evidence. No date had been set for another meeting.

It was thought that if build out 4 was not so wide it would allow more space to keep vehicles away from residents walls. Initially the report would be sent out to the Members for feedback before it is distributed. T Loader reported that he had been approached by Parishioners seeking results to the various matters that have been raised. When the scheme was proposed was consideration given to:-

         the walls and windows of properties, on the A357, that were showing signs of discolouration from the pollution caused by vehicles having to pull away at the build outs.

         Any flooding issues that may arise as a result of the road scheme.

2)       SCC Speed Indicator Device (SID) report for A357 Tower Hill October 2016/Installation dates for 2017

Chairman reported that the SID, scheduled for the week commencing 10th October on the A357 at Tower Hill, had not been installed due to over growth of vegetation from a tree in a private garden. Clerk would inform the owners of the property and ask for the vegetation to be cut back.

The proposed dates for 2017 are:-

A357 Manor House weeks commencing 22nd May 2017 and the 13th November 2017. As these installations were subject to a suitable post being identified Members suggested that if the installations could not take place the SID be installed within the 20mph zone at build out 4.

A357 Tower Hill weeks commencing 5th June 2017 and the 27th November 2017.

3)       Community Speed Watch in Templecombe update if applicable

Discussed during open session.

4)       Village Christmas Trees 2016 update

Chairman read out e mail dated 24th November from Phillip Smith thanking the Parish Council for their help with the project. Clerk was instructed to write thanking the group for organising the festive display.

5)       Storage suggestion for highway salt supply

J Grierson and Chairman reported that all bins were full. The salt had been broken up and dispensers supplied. G Wilson suggested that a storage unit for the salt bags would be useful as after time the bags start to break. He thought a unit 4ft by 3ft would be sufficient. Chairman would have a look, at the bag size, and look for some suggestions.

6)       Other

C Hukins reported that when the WI carried out the latest litter pick at the dip, by the Combe Hill traffic lights, it was evident on the right hand side as you approach the lights there was once a pavement but was now overgrown with grass verge. J Grierson agreed to investigate and it may be that it could be reinstated.



J Grierson had no issues to report. He would cut back the grass growth on the board walk and check to see if it was slippery. He suggested putting a covering of wire mesh.



No matters to report.



1)       Maintenance of the closed Churchyard and Burial Ground update

Clerk reported that the road hedge had been cut.

2)       Pre-School Shed update

Clerk reported that there had still be no reply from the Pre-School.

3)       Strimmer repair update

J Grierson had attended with the Groundsman and D C Garden Machinery. He confirmed that a slight adjustment was made and it was working properly.

4)       Amberstone Memorial Stonemasons L Pattle deceased

Clerk reported that Mr G Holmes had sent details as to the proposed headstone for Mr L Pattle deceased. Details of the stone had been circulated to Members and no objections had been received. Clerk would complete the form and return to Mr G Holmes. A cheque for 104.00 had also been received.

5)       Other

No other matters to report.



Members were in agreement to Clerk purchasing a gift voucher to the value of 25.00 to thank Emma Russell, at Thales, for her help with printing the newsletter during 2016.



A) Play Area

1)       Weekly/Quarterly/Annual Play Area Reports


Following matters in need of attention or updating:-

a) Fence in North-East corner proposed hedging update (G Wilson/Paula Batchelor)

G Wilson reported that he had sprayed off the area but it would probably want another application in due course. Paula Batchelor reported that the hedge planting would need to take place at the end of March 2017. It was agreed to go with the quotation received from Oliver and Lang Brown for 80 x (45-60cm) Quickthorn and Blackthorn hedging at 45p per plant and the accompanying spiral guards and canes, totalling 64.00 exclusive of VAT.

b) Repair to safety mats Play Area update (Paula Batchelor)

Paula Batchelor reported that a quotation had now been received from Simon Williams as follows:-

         supply 1 x 1msq Black 20mm thick rubber play tile, 3kgs of play tile adhesive - 105.00

         Uplift and clean 5msq of existing play tiles. Install old tiles an as well as the 1 additional new tile - 135.00

         Total 240.00 (the cleaning and drying of the existing concrete base to be carried out by the Parish Council)

Members were in agreement and the quotation was accepted.

c)       Cone Climber loose bolts update (Paula Batchelor)

Paula Batchelor reported that the cone climber had been returned. A collar had been inserted inside the stem so there should now not be so much movement. The cone climber will continue to be monitored.

d)       Toddler swings unit replacement swing update (Paula Batchelor)

Paula Batchelor reported that after further investigation it was felt the toddler swings from Playdale Direct would not fit on the existing fittings. It was agreed to proceed to purchase 2 x J Hook Cradle Seats from G B Sports and Leisure for 139.00 exclusive of VAT, as they correspond to the existing fittings.

B) Social Club

1)       Social Club Report (C Hukins/C James)

C Hukins reported that at the last meeting the Committee gave a good report and finances were in order.

C)      Other

No other matters to report.



Chairman addressed the Parishioners present who had come in after the open session. There were no particular issues they wanted to raise but they made the following comments/observations:-

         Suggested a community website Chairman informed them that the Village does have a website with the various groups in the Village having a relevant page but information could be added by contacting Tim Law.

         A skills catalogue to have a point of contact for the various skills available in the Village.

         The finger post at the Yew Tree Chairman pointed out that attempts had been made to reinstate the post but it would probably need re-casting as some parts were missing or broken. Clerk would look out paperwork.

         They may be able to provide evidence of traffic movements at the approach to the Yew tree corner.


Meeting closed at 9.45 pm Signed...................................................dated..........................