Minutes of the Meeting held on the

12th July 2016


PRESENT  Councillors M Batchelor (Chairman), T Loader, J Grierson, C James,  Paula Batchelor, R Cave, C Hukins, A Haskell



6 Parishioners, Mr William Wallace (District/County Councillor), Mr Tim Inglefield (District Councillor), PCSO John Winfield


Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed the Parishioners and Mr Shaun Dale from the BT Group who proceeded to give a presentation on BT Broadband delivery in rural areas.  He highlighted fibre to the cabinet technology, options for communities not covered by either commercial or CDS (Connecting Devon and Somerset) schemes and gave time for questions.  Some of the main points were as follows:-

·         Templecombe have three cabinets on the A357 – CAB 1 – Coombe Cross – (Live Sept 15), CAB 2 – High Street – (Live May 16) and CAB 3 – Combe Hill – (Live Sept 15)

·         Approximately 2 kilometres from a cabinet should give a good service

·         To check what is available (Line speeds and Technology) go to www.dslchecker.bt.com/

·         It will cost £25,000 to £30,000 to provide a cabinet for a cluster of properties not in the vicinity of a cabinet

·         A £20,000 grant is available if a key stage 1 school falls within the cluster zone

·         Voucher Scheme available

·         The fibre optic signal originates  from Yeovil not from the local exchange

·         Traditional ADSL copper delivery is maintained for those not wanting to upgrade


Chairman thanked Mr Shaun Dale for his presentation and the meeting continued with the open session.


As Mr Andrew Denton and Mr Allan Kerry were present it was agreed to continue with discussions on the village road scheme, as both Parishioners had raised issues.


Mr A Denton referred to the proposed Community Speed Watch scheme and asked if it could be included in the September newsletter.  The scheme needed at least eight people to run and until this was achieved the matter could not be taken much further.   Clerk would put notices on the noticeboards and let A Denton have details of the WI group who may want to help.

Mr A Kerry reported that he had e mailed Martyn Evans (SCC) to ascertain what street documents had been used in connection with the installation of the village road scheme.  He did not feel that speed was the issue, although some vehicles were obviously increasing their speed as they approached build out 4, but the size and lack of space available when vehicles were negotiating build out 4 and then passing his property.  The wall repairs would be in the region of £5,000 and he felt some form of construction would be needed to keep vehicles away from his wall. 

William Wallace commented that the majority of concerns were focused on build outs 1 and 4 and he stated that he had witnessed incidents at both of the build outs.   It was noted that speed humps had been introduced to a main road in Bruton.  It was asked whether this could be a consideration for Templecombe or other options could be investigated instead of the build outs.  Chairman had looked into contacting the Department of Transport, if it was felt the matter should now be taken further, but  revealed that they probably could not assist in this instance.

William Wallace agreed to investigate the matter further.  At the recent consultation meeting it was evident that some Parishioners felt that if some of the build outs were removed it may assist with the continuing problems and concerns raised.  When HGVs have to move out they are in conflict with other vehicles.   It was also pointed out that there were continuing concerns as to the timing of the traffic lights and that no “Keep Clear” had been included at the entrance to the Hamlet.

Mr Tim Inglefield commented on the Rural Housing Action Plan Consultation.  He stated that there was a low completion and needs were not being met.  Templecombe had a low requirement but any comments the Parish Council could make would be welcomed.



Sarah Webb, G Wilson



It was proposed by C James  and seconded by J Grierson that the draft Minutes, as previously circulated, be agreed as correct and signed by the Chairman.



T Loader declared an interest in Agenda item 16 B), as a Committee Member of the Sports and Social Club.  R Cave confirmed that he now had no interest to declare in respect of the Sports and Social Club.


4             CORRESPONDENCE

Received since the last meeting as discussed:-

1)       South Western Franchise ITT – e mail dated 1st July 2016.  Chairman read out the e mail, which indicated that Stagecoach Rail were now in the process of developing their bid proposal for the new franchise.  Members had raised some points in the past and were happy with the services provided at the station.  It was noted that Forever England were still encountering problems accessing their site due to parked vehicles and that the yellow markings had not been applied.

2)       SSDC – Rural Housing Action Plan Consultation – e mail dated 24th June 2016.  Chairman read out the e mail.  Members were asked to look at the Draft Rural Housing Action Plan 2015 and if they felt anything needed to be added to let the Clerk know.

3)       Came and Company – Change of Trading Style.  Chairman read out the letter indicating that as from the 1st July Came and Company became a trading style of Stackhouse Poland Limited. Business would continue as before.


5             PLANNING

1)       Determination of Applications

Application no 16/02267/COU – Changing the use of an existing garage into a commercial kitchen – The Old Farmhouse Stowell Hill Stowell Milborne Port (Granted)


2)       Notification of Area East Committee Meeting to be held on the 13th July 2016 at 9.00 am at The Council Offices  Churchfield  Wincanton (R Cave)

R Cave reported that the meeting included a planning application submitted, on behalf of Henstridge Airfield, for continued use of the airfield for both recreational and business use subject to conditions and 106 Agreement.


3)       Slades Hill 106 Agreement – update if applicable

No matters to report.



1)       To approve accounts and sign cheques

It was proposed by R Cave  and seconded by T Loader that the following cheques be paid:-


Kier Recycling CIC – Waste services 1.7.16-30.9.16                                                                110.60

Peter Coombes Garden Service – Weed spraying – Churchyard                                              50.00

A Sumner – Electrical works to Village Hall as a result of the

report                                                                                                                                                  300.00

G Wilson – refund for materials to complete section of fence

at Recreation Ground (adjacent to Yarnbarton)                                                                        123.60

J Pratt (Groundsman) – Recreation Ground/Churchyard/Burial

Ground – Salary/Expenses June 2016                                                                                         404.30

T Chapman (Clerk) – Salary/Expenses July 2016                                                                    383.00


2)       Donations 2016/17

Clerk referred to the request for financial assistance from Henstridge Youth Club.  There were 15 young people attending from Templecombe.  It was proposed by R Cave and seconded by J Grierson that the sum of £150.00 be given to the group towards their expenses.

Clerk reported donations made in 2015/16.  It was proposed by R Cave and seconded by J Grierson that the following amounts be given in 2016/17, all Members present were in agreement:-

South Somerset CAB - £150.00 – Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance - £150.00. 

No communication had been received from Victim Support.  If they did make a request it was agreed that a donation of £50.00 should be made.


3)       Other

Clerk reported that the June Utility Warehouse electricity account, for the changing rooms, amounted to £11.51.  The following interest had been received as at the 30th June 2016:-


NatWest Business Reserve Account – 80p

NatWest Business Reserve Account (Play Equipment Appeal) – 3p


Also the following payments had been received:-


2nd Templecombe Scout Group – Scout hut rent 2016/17                          12.00

Templecombe Sports and Social Club - 2nd and 3rd payments

-         water refund                                                                                      550.00



C Hukins reported that he and R Cave had met with M James, from the Scout Group,  on the 23rd June. Another meeting was scheduled for the 8th September at 7 pm.  The Scout Group meeting took place on the 28th June.  Further meetings were set for the 21st July and 20th September.  The AGM would take place on the 27th April 2017. 

1)       Scout hut proposals – update

The Scout Group had indicated they hoped the new lease would have the same conditions as the previous lease.  They currently have no building fund and had queried their responsibility to remove the concrete pad.  It was agreed that the matter should be taken forward and Clerk would set up an appointment with Mr Charles Rutter, at Rutter and Rutter Solicitors to start the process of drawing up a new lease.  As the Scout Group would be paying the Parish Council's costs an estimate would be obtained.



1)       Quotations for rendering Village Hall – update

Clerk reported that tender forms had been sent to HHP Limited and Burfitt and Garrett Limited but no response had been received.  ECR Services had also been contacted to ascertain that their quotation included the scaffolding and skip.  A Haskell would contact his contact to see if another quotation could be obtained. 

2)       Other

All the internal electrical works had now been carried out.  SSE had also attended to the external cables which have been made safe and clipped to the wall.



Chairman reported that he had been approached by a Parishioner who had visited the Churchyard to attend a grave and had found the plaque obscured with vegetation.  The area had now been rectified.  Chairman pointed out that the Groundsman only had a limited amount of time to spend on the Churchyard and due to the warm and wet weather the rate of growth had been higher than normal.  A letter to this effect would be sent to the Parishioner.



J Grierson reported that he had now spoken to Forever England and the garage business next to the station.  The garage business was ceasing trading.  Meetings would be set up with Thales and the emergency services.  It was pointed out that this document will be a moving target as any changes in the village would mean a revision of document.


11           HIGHWAY MATTERS

1)       Road Scheme – update

Covered in the open session.

a)            Update on proposed remedial works/A Kerry – damaged wall

Covered in the open session.

b)            Alex Green – e mail 6.7.16 – Church Hill chicanes

Chairman read out the e mail from Alex Green expressing his concerns as to build outs 1 and 2, on Slades Hill and Church Hill.  A copy would be given to William Wallace to be reported to Somerset County Council.

2)       SCC – SID report – A357 near the pedestrian build out 1st - 10th June 2016

The results were noted.  It was also noted that the SID only records the first car  as it approaches the device.  The results we receive are only a summary, data is available for 0-20mph.


3)       Speed watch in Templecombe – A Denton – update

Clerk reported that information as to how to set up a community speed watch scheme had been received from Peter Bland and passed to A Denton.  It was felt that the road scheme had now bedded in. It was not possible to park a mobile unit within the Village and there was no evidence that the motorbike unit had attended the Village.  It was suggested that the Police be asked to suggest suitable locations to operate community speed watch and a notice asking for volunteers to join the scheme be put on the noticeboards, as mentioned in the open session.                                                      

4)       WI enquiry – Area at the entrance to East Street – update

Chairman reported that an e mail had been received from Eileen Bate.  She had made contact with the owner of 17 High Street who would be happy for help in improving the area.  Some initial work to clear the vegetation had been carried out.   The WI had not, as yet, made a decision to take on this area as a project.

5)       Other

Clerk reported that a reply had been received from Highways as to the pot hole that had formed on the road SLOW markings, opposite no 39 High Street, on the new road surface.  They indicated that the initial repair was only meant to be temporary and they would be returning to carry out a larger resurfacing patch to remedy the material defects.  The repair had now been carried out.

The refurbishment of the finger post, at the junction of East Street was raised.  Clerk would look out the relevant paperwork.

It was reported that some of the bramble growth, along the High Street, was protruding on to the pavement.  J Grierson said that he would have a look and cut back where necessary.  It was noted that a resident of Kington View was arranging for someone to cut back the pink flower growth along the High Street.


12           FOOTPATHS

1)       WN 29/1 – Hiscocks footpath level crossing – update

J Grierson reported that he had inspected the fields with Arlo Cuss.  The cattle creep was 1.8 metres high and he felt that this would be too low for a horse to go through.  He felt that advice could be sought from the British Horse Society.  The Bridleway has been strimmed, probably by Network Rail, so they are expecting it to be used but he felt there was a health and safety issue with the current crossing.  As reported previously the ballast, on the southern side of the track, has worn away and Network Rail had indicated that it could only be dealt with under normal engineering works.  Clerk would seek information from the British Horse Society.



C James reported that all the trees were in good order.



1)       Maintenance of closed Churchyard and Burial Ground – update

a)            Section of Churchyard wall – adjacent to Church House – update

Clerk reported that she had contacted Tom Trouton to inform him that we were now in a position to go ahead with the work to the wall.  He indicated that he was now booked up for this year.  As this job involved using lime mortar he would not start any work of this nature after September, due to the risk of frost.  He pencilled the job in for Spring of 2017 but would let us know if he had a cancellation in the mean time.  G Foers had been informed.

b)            Weed killing – Churchyard

Clerk reported that the Churchyard was in need of another weed killing application.  Members were in agreement for the work to be done.  Clerk would contact Peter Coombes.

c)       Churchyard/Burial Ground maintenance

Chairman expressed his thanks to Paula Batchelor and Trish Foers who had weeded the roses, along the track way adjacent to the burial ground.  Bark chip had been put around the roses to suppress the weed growth.

2)       Pre-school storage shed – update

Clerk reported that Sticky Fingers Pre-School had asked permission to have a skip to clear out the shed.  It was agreed that a skip could be put on the area adjacent to the track way as and when the need arose.

3)       Other

Clerk reported that there was a burial of Mr William Bellows deceased on Monday 18th July.


15           NEWSLETTER

Chairman reported that he had not started the September edition as yet but would include an article asking for helpers for the proposed Community Speed Watch scheme for the Village.



A)           Play Area

1)       Weekly/Quarterly/Annual Play Area Inspection Reports

Chairman read out the quarterly report, remarks were noted.   Paula Batchelor reported that the spring on the pedestrian gate to the play area, at the Yarnbarton entrance, had been re-tensioned.  I Speight had helped and Chairman expressed his thanks.   It was noted that the hedge was encroaching on to the dog bins in the recreation ground.  The condition of the boundary hedge between Mr Jeanes property and the recreation ground was discussed.  It had not been cut back for a number of years and it was agreed that the Clerk contact Martin Haskett as he had previously indicated that it would be in order to cut this hedge after the 1st August.  It was agreed that a budget of £150.00 be allocated for this work.  

Following matters in need of attention or updating:-

a)            Fence in North-East corner – update (G Wilson)

Chairman thanked G Wilson for carrying our the work to install the new fencing.  It would need re-tensioning as some areas were leaning.

b)            Loose bolts  – Cone Climber – update

Paula Batchelor reported that the manufacturers had arranged for all the bolts to be replaced and welded.  It was apparent that the design of the lower bearings was not sufficient to resist movement in the normal use of the unit and therefore all bolts will be welded after installation.

2)       106 Agreement – Hillcrest – Play Area draft Management Plan update/Draft Revenue Award Offer – update if applicable

Clerk reported that Rob Parr had been in touch and he would be sending out a completed copy of the Reveune Award Offer for signature and he indicated that once this had been signed and returned the maintenance payments could commence.

B)           Social Club

1)       Social Club Report (C Hukins/C James)

C James reported that an emergency meeting was called on the 15th June as the Club was possibly facing closure.  There have been some changes to the committee, Jenny Silvester was now chair.  A balance sheet and minutes were available at the last meeting.  The paid staff had been given notice and all the staff were now volunteers.  The committee were working well and they were pleased with the result of the Village Fete.   T Loader was thanked for taking on the position of treasurer and working with the Members who had taken positive action. 

2)       Electrical report

It was noted that an electrical report was carried out by Wessex Electricals in 2013.  Clerk would look out the report.

C)      Templars Tennis Club – update on works to courts

It was reported that the work to the tennis courts surface and repainting had been carried out.  Paul Hawkins had indicated that he did not want the account to be paid until the Tennis Club were happy with the work and had had an opportunity to try out the courts.  It was agreed that the Parish Council would meet the costs of water usage used to clean the courts off.

D)      Other

J Grierson reported that a Car Treasure Hunt, in aid of the St Mary's Roof Appeal would take place on the 27th August, starting and finishing at the Sports and Social Club.

Clerk reported that the signage for the Recreation Ground, from Vale Signs and Print, had been delivered.  Paula Batchelor and T Loader agreed to look at fitting the signs.



There was no other business.  A closed confidential session followed in relation to the co-option of one Parish Councillor.  Mr Carl Mintern had applied and it was agreed that he be invited to join the Parish Council.  He was present and was willing to join the Parish Council.  Clerk would arrange for him to sign his Acceptance of Office at the beginning of the August meeting.



Meeting closed at 10.00 pm             Signed..........................................................dated......................