Minutes of the Meeting held on the 12th April 2016


PRESENT Councillors M Batchelor (Chairman), Sarah Webb (Vice Chair), J Grierson, C James, G Wilson, C Hukins, A Haskell



3 Parishioners, William Wallace (District/County Councillor)


Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed William Wallace.


Willian Wallace reported the following issues:-

         The County Council element of the Council Tax bill had increased, to take into account finance required for Adult Social Care and the introduction of the living wage. The increase will provide 3.8 million.

         The Health and Well Being budget will again be available from May/June 2016.

         Further information is being sought in connection with the village road scheme


G Wilson indicated that he felt road calming measures should be incorporated at the entrance and exit to the Village. The installation of road gates and a change in the road surface, at Holton, are effective and it could be possible to have a similar set up at either end of the Village. William Wallace indicated that there may be some funding available for small improvements. The installation of sleeping policemen were discussed but Highways have intimated they are not allowed on a main road. It is not clear whether Highways define the A357, through Templecombe, as an A Road or a strategic A road.



Paula Batchelor, R Cave, T Loader, I Speight, Mr Tim Inglefield (District Councillor), PCSO Thelma Mead



It was proposed by C James and seconded by Sarah Webb that the draft Minutes, as previously circulated, be agreed as correct and signed by the Chairman.



Sarah Webb declared an interest in connection with Agenda item 5) Planning 4) Slades Hill 106 Agreement.



Received since the last meeting as discussed:-

1)       2nd Templecombe Scout Group Invitation to AGM Thursday 28th April 2016 7pm in the Scout Hut. Chairman read out the letter to Members C Hukins, Sarah Webb, A Haskell and M Batchelor would be able to attend.

2)       South Somerset District Council (SSDC) Planning training for Town and Parish Councillors. Clerk reported that two further dates have been given namely, 12th May and 24th May from 6pm. A Haskell may be able to attend, and would confirm which date was acceptable to Clerk. Replies had to be in by the 6th May.



1)       Determination of Applications


2)       Notification of Area East Committee Meeting to be held on the 13th April 2016 at 9.00 am at The Council Offices Churchfield Wincanton (R Cave). In R Cave's absence M Batchelor reported that under Youth Opportunities it was noted that a Youth Club was now taking place in Henstridge.


3) Application no 16/00526/LBC Remove the outside porch and door on the front elevation and replace the door with a sash window in line with other windows to the front of the house. External brickwork to mirror that of the remainder of the house Brinecombe 5 High Street Templecombe

Members discussed the above application and were in support as the intended works will be an improvement to the property. It is hoped that there will be shutters, on the inside of the new window, in keeping with the present windows.


4) Slades Hill 106 Agreement update if applicable

It was noted that detailed planning needed to be applied for by November 2016. SS3 could be taken into consideration at this stage.



1)      To approve accounts and sign cheques

It was proposed by C Hukins and seconded by A Haskell that the following cheques be paid:-


South Somerset District Council Operational Playground Inspections 2015/16 127.20

NFU Mutual Tractor insurance 2016/17 129.18

Kier Integrated Services Limited Waste collection 1.4.16-30.6.16 110.60

J Pratt (Groundsman) Recreation Ground/Churchyard/Burial Ground March 2016 223.10

T Chapman (Clerk) Salary/Expenses April 2016 316.35


2) Other

Clerk reported that the March Utility Warehouse electricity account, for the changing rooms, amounted to 12.95. The following interest had been received as at the 31st March 2016:-


NatWest Business Reserve Account 82p

NatWest Business Reserve Account (Play Equipment Appeal) 3p

The following monies had also been received:-


SSE Wayleave payment 2016/17 15.61

Templecombe Rovers Football Club refund for water and electricity Re: Changing rooms 218.78

SSDC - Final 106 Hillcrest payment Recreation Ground 2,776.25

SSDC Precept/Grant 2016/17 20,976.00


Clerk circulated Bank mandate form, for completion by A Haskell, and would obtain T Loader's signature and give him necessary forms to be completed and returned to NatWest Bank, Wincanton.. Former Parish Councillors L Bennett and I Middleton would now be removed from the authorised signatories list. The Declaration was signed by C Hukins, J Grierson and C James signed as authorised signatories.



1)       Scout Hut proposals update if applicable

C Hukins reported that the meeting set for 14th April had been cancelled and re-scheduled to the 21st April. He confirmed that, at a recent meeting, the Committee were happy with the Parish Council's offer of a 60 year lease and estimated that it would take five years before they would be in a position to proceed to start works on the hut. The question was asked what would happen if they out grew the site of the hut. C Hukins would ask this at the next Scout Group meeting. The Scouts would be happy for the horse chestnut tree to remain.


At this point in the meeting Sarah Webb (Vice Chair) stood in for M Batchelor (Chairman) and chaired the rest of the meeting.



1)       Quotations for rendering Village Hall update

Clerk reported that she had now spoken to Jeff Carter and he was unable to re-quote due to his work commitments. Clerk had contacted the previous contractors who had submitted quotations. South West Heritage Plastering (I Beaufoy) had visited the site previously and recommended lime rendering and does not do K-rendering. ECR Services had not replied to date.


Sarah referred to the letter received from Eileen Bate, President of the WI, in connection with the ladies toilets at the Village Hall. It was noted that it was the future aim of the Village Hall Committee to be able to fund an upgrade to the toilets and kitchen facilities.


Clerk reported that a Village Hall Committee meeting had taken place on the 21st March. Copies of the year end accounts as at the 31st December 2015 were presented together with current bank statements. The Committee had agreed to Andy Sumner Electrical to carry out the works detailed in the quotation dated 31st January 2016, which included a disabled alarm system for the main toilet, installation of a mains multi sensor and a full test and inspection of the electrical wiring as requested every five years. The next meeting was set for the 18th May.




J Grierson reported that he had met with R Cave. Mr G Mackett Somerset County Council (SCC) had suggested a meeting on the 19th May at 10.30 am at J Grierson's house. It would be necessary to contact representatives of premises in the Village i.e. Church, URC hall, Village Hall. Thales currently operate a clearance area of 400 metres.



1)       Road Scheme update

Clerk reported that she had spoken with Martyn Evans SCC and the film from the cameras, that were positioned at build outs 1 and 4, were currently been viewed.

2)       School Lane Car Park

It had been reported to the Parish Council that two vehicles were currently been left in the car park overnight and at weekends. It was suggested that a note be initially put on the vehicles pointing out the conditions of use relating to the car park. It was also suggested that a review of the vehicles, that currently hold a temporary permit, should be carried out.

3)       Parking at the entrance to Railway Station update

M Batchelor reported that a site meeting had taken place with Colin Fletcher SCC Highways, Mr Thomas (Forever England), representative of South West Trains and Clerk. It was suggested that double yellow lines be applied to the area, under control of the railway, to include the pavement. Mr Thomas provided photographic evidence of vehicles being parked at the entrance to the Station and actually on the pavement. The representative would take the matter to management and it was suggested that a notice could be attached to the brickwork.

4)       Other

Clerk had reported various matters to Highways and was waiting for a reply. C Hukins reported that the lamp was hanging off the post at no 5 in the Hamlet. It was noted that the traffic lights, at the Combe Hill dip, had been adjusted.



1)       WN 29/1 Hiscocks footpath level crossing update

Clerk reported that a follow up e mail had been sent to Colin McGowan Level Crossing Manager (Yeovil Junction Station). He indicated that a work order had been submitted to have the ballast built up. The work will have to coincide with similar work being carried out in the area due to the logistics of getting the ballast to the site. He would continue to monitor the situation and contact us when he had some news. J Grierson said that he would take some photos and strim the approach to the crossing when it was accessible.



C James reported that there were no problems after the recent storms. Scottish and Southern (SSE) had commissioned some work to the trees surrounding their cables and this had been carried out. There were some trees further along from this area that could also benefit from topping. It was noted that a branch, on a tree opposite 39 High Street, needed to be monitored.



1)       Maintenance of closed Churchyard and Burial Ground update

a) Section of Churchyard wall adjacent to Church House update

Clerk reported that a further e mail, chasing up the matter, had been sent to the Archdeacon and no reply had been received as yet.

2)       Other

G Wilson agreed to have a look at the retaining walls, in the Churchyard, adjacent to the gateway off the A357 that were being monitored. It was noted that were a number of Sycamore shoots appearing in the Churchyard and Burial Ground. Clerk reported that J Pratt (Groundsman) had started to mow the section adjacent to the track way by the burial ground,



M Batchelor reported the following items for inclusion in the June edition of the newsletter:-

         FOTS (Friends of Templecombe Station)

         Parish Council announcements

         School staff changes

         Speeding in the Village, use of mobile speed units



A) Play Area

1)       Weekly/Quarterly/Annual Play Area Inspection Reports


Following matters in need of attention:-

a) Fence in North-East corner posts broken off and pushed over update (G Wilson)

G Wilson would contact L Bennett and collect the posts he currently has.

b) Dog bin by car park

It was noted that the slope to the dog bin became slippery during wet weather. It was thought that a paving slab could be put at the base and the bank reduced to overcome the problem.



2)       106 Agreement Hillcrest Play Area draft Management Plan update/Draft Revenue Award Offer update

As reported under Accounts the final payment from the 106 Agreement had been made. Clerk and Paula Batchelor had signed a copy of the Award Offer and forwarded this to Lynda Pincombe SSDC together with a copy of the Management Plan.

B) Social Club

1)       Social Club Report (C Hukins/C James)

C James reported that the Social Club had still not been able to sort out the matters with the Bank. A joint meeting is scheduled for the 5th May.

C) Other

The issue of dog fouling at the Recreation Ground was discussed and whether dogs should be kept on leads at all times. Lynette Osment (Enforcement Officer SSDC) had recently visited and put up notices at the gateways, giving details of the fixed penalty charges. Clerk would contact Milborne Port Parish Council to see how they approach the issue of dog fouling.



It was noted that for the Queen's 90th Birthday the WI were organising a litter pick. The Scout Group were going to parade through the Village, from the Recreation Ground, for St George's Day. It was suggested that a St George's flag could be flown from the flagpole on the Church. Clerk would enquire to see if the flagpole was usable and whether the Scout Group had a flag. Due to the shortness of time it may be an option for 2017.

Clerk reported a tap test had been carried out at the Recreation Ground as the water meter readings had been high. There were two leaks in the Social Club which would be dealt with, by the Club, as soon as possible.








Meeting closed at 9.25 pm Signed.....................................................dated.......................