Minutes of the Meeting held on the

11th October 2016


PRESENT  Councillors M Batchelor (Chairman), R Cave (Vice Chair), T Loader,  Paula Batchelor, C Hukins, Sarah Webb, C Mintern, A Haskell



6 Parishioners


Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed the Parishioners


Donna Bridgwood reported on the Village Christmas trees.  The WI had raised £405.00, from the cake stall at the Pageant and this would cover the cost of a big tree with battery powered lights.  It was intended to have the tree on the grass area by the entrance to School Lane.  Collection boxes would be put out within the Village and a raffle would be run from Tip Top Hair and Nails.  18 trees amounted to £200.00 in 2015.   Letters would be delivered asking if there are any other houses that  would like brackets on their houses.  It is estimated that they may get another 20 properties who would like brackets.  The cost was approximately £45.00 to set up a new bracket with tree and lights.  It was intended to put up the trees on the last weekend in November and any help would be appreciated.  Chairman suggested that Donna should contact Highways to ensure they would be happy with the big tree on the grass area.  Donna indicated that if they were not another thought was to put it up by the Church.

Alex Green reported that Templecombe Station had now won the National award for the best small station.  He read out the report and gave the Clerk a copy to put on the noticeboards.  He commented on the continuing problems he is experiencing with the location of build out no 2 on Church Hill especially the noise from HGVs when they have to stop.  He had written to Martyn Evans – SCC indicating that the traffic should be slowed down when leaving the Village and suggesting the priorities, at the build outs, on Slades Hill should be changed or the actual build outs removed. 

Allan Kerry reported that he had received no reply from Martyn Evans – SCC.  He felt that the HGV companies, who use the Village, should be asked to be more sympathetic when driving through the Village.  The speed watch group may be able to report on the behaviour of the HGV drivers.  He indicated that he would now have to meet the costs of rebuilding his wall.  He referred to the Minutes of the open session, of the meeting held on the 13th September 2016, and his reference to the two 12 hour periods when the assessment was carried out.  He felt that examining the small amount of data indicated they were looking to confirm their position which is that there are no issues, rather than examining a bigger sample of data to actually look for any issues.  He considered their conclusions are out of step with the viewpoint of many villagers and the Parish Council. 

Mr and Mrs Wong introduced themselves to the Parish Council, they had purchased the building plot at Greenhill, Lily Lane.  They circulated a copy of the plan of their proposed house.  They had contacted the owners of the neighbouring properties.  The house was of a modern nature and it is intended to be eco-friendly.  They hoped that once planning had been obtained they could start building by Spring 2017.



J Grierson, C James, G Wilson, Mr William Wallace (District/County Councillor), Mr Tim Inglefield (District Councillor), PCSO John Winfield



It was proposed by R Cave and seconded by C Hukins that the draft Minutes, as previously circulated, be agreed as correct and signed by the Chairman.



The following interests/dispensations were declared:-

Sarah Webb – Agenda item 5 4) – Slades Hill 106 Agreement

A Haskell – Agenda item 7 1) – Templecombe Scout Group

T Loader – Agenda item 17 B) – Social Club                                                           

C Mintern – Agenda item 8 1) – Village Hall



Received since the last meeting as discussed:-

1)      Somerset Waste Partnership – Monthly Waste Partnership Briefing – September 2016. Noted.

2)      Somerset County Council – G.I.S Mapping Systems.  Chairman explained the new system introduced to report footpath/Highway problems.  An article would be included in the December edition of the newsletter.

3)      Somerset Community Justice Partnership.  Chairman summarised the letter dated September 2016.  The Partnership are seeking volunteers in connection with their work for restorative approaches to crime and disorder in communities.  Clerk would put a poster on the noticeboards.  They are also seeking financial contributions and Members would give consideration when discussing donations for 2017/18.

4)      The Airfield Consultative Committee – Henstridge Airfield – Agenda for meeting on 19th October 2016.  Noted.

5)      Templecombe Christmas Tree Festival – Invitation to exhibit a Christmas Tree - 10th and 11th December 2016.  Previously G Wilson had taken part, on behalf of the Parish Council. Clerk would speak with him to see if he wanted to take part this year. 


5          PLANNING

1)      Determination of Applications


2)      Notification of Area East Committee Meeting to be held on the 12th October 2016 at 9.00 am at The Council Offices  Churchfield  Wincanton (R Cave).

No matters to report.

3)      Application no 16/04299/TPO – Application to fell 1 no Eucalyptus Tree within SSDC Tree Preservation Order (ABTE 1) 2003 (GR 370701/122069) – Construction site Bowden Road  Templecombe

Members discussed the proposed application to fell the TPO Eucalyptus tree at the construction site on Bowden Road.  The Members were concerned at the loss of a tree that was present and acknowledged when the planning application was approved.  The Parish Council have been informed that the tree has been already trimmed and is suffering from a fungus.  The Members accept that if the tree is diseased it may be a case for it to be disposed of but feel that they would much appreciate Phil Poulton – SSDC Tree Officer's advice.  Also if it does have to be disposed of consideration be given to planting a replacement, preferably a British native tree.  Clerk would respond accordingly.

4)      Slades Hill Development/Slades Hill 106 Agreement – update

a)         Copy letter dated 29.9.16 – Mr N Broomhead to Mr Ian Jewson

Circulated for Members information.  Sarah Webb commented on the proposed junction to the development site.  She felt that it would be liable to congestion as the lay out of the road was based on previous information, prior to the road scheme being installed.   Clerk had circulated a copy of the Minutes, from the open meeting held in the Village Hall on the 28th September 2016,  to Members.

5)      Other

Clerk reported receipt of the following planning application, after preparation of the Agenda.  Due to the time scale for response Members were in agreement to consider the application as follows:-

Planning application no 16/03983/FUL – Erection of a stable building – Land Os 0572 Part Combe Hill  Templecombe.  Members considered the application and raised no objections.



1)      To approve accounts and sign cheques

It was proposed by T Loader and seconded by R Cave that the following cheques be paid:-


Kier Recycling CIC – Contracted waste management services 1.10.16 to 31.12.16 and 6 month duty of care charge 1.10.16 to 31.03/17    158.60

South Cheriton Garage Limited – Derv – October 2015 to September 2016                                                                                                             93.00

Somerset County Council – Photocopying – 19.5.15 to 23.9.16                                                                                                                               27.85

J Pratt (Groundsman) – Recreation Ground/Churchyard/Burial Ground - Salary/Expenses September 2016                                                          291.20        

T Chapman – Clerk – Salary/Expenses October 2016                                                                                                                                             379.16


2)      Other

Clerk reported that the September Utility Warehouse electricity account, for the changing rooms, amounted to £16.15.  The following monies had been received:-


Templecombe Sports and Social Club – last water instalment                                   257.24

Templecombe Sports and Social Club – part payment towards rent 2016/17            200.00

Templecombe Sports and Social Club – final payment towards rent 2016/17           243.00


The following interest has been received:-


NatWest Business Reserve Account                                                               -           0.80p

NatWest Business Reserve Account (Play Equipment Appeal Fund)             -           0.03p


Clerk confirmed that the audited accounts had now been received from Grant Thornton and the Notice of Conclusion of Audit for the year end 31.3.16 displayed on the noticeboards. 


Members discussed the proposals for the Village Christmas lights and trees.  A Haskell asked it would be possible to put in a permanent tree.  It was proposed by S Webb and seconded by C Mintern that a donation of £300.00 be made towards the Village Christmas lights and trees 2016.  The Members would like to see details of how the Parish Council's contribution has been spent.



1)      Scout Hut proposals – update

C Hukins reported that the binding agreement to lease, that had been proposed by Rutter and Rutter, would not be acceptable to the Scout Group.  To enable them to obtain funding they would need a 60 year lease.  Clerk reported that Mr Charles Rutter, at Rutter and Rutter, had been informed that the Parish Council now wanted to proceed towards drawing up a lease with the Scout Group.   A joint meeting with the Scout Group will take place on the 13th October at 7.30 pm. 

The plans of the Slades Hill development included a community building.  At the time of negotiations the Parish Council had asked for a financial contribution, via the 106 Agreement, instead of the community building.  The financial contribution would then be used to enhance the facilities already provided in the Village.  It was suggested that perhaps the Scout Group might be interested in the site of land intended for the community building if the option arose.  At the recent public meeting, in respect of  the Slades Hill development, an option was muted that the School may well be interested in the Village Hall for classroom space.

C Hukins informed Members that the Scout Group did not want to take on the concrete base, the Pre-school shed currently stands on.



1)      Quotations for rendering Village Hall – update

Clerk reported that the revised specification had been sent out to Chris Watts Building and Maintenance Ltd and MP Plastering. Chris Watts had replied by e mail, dated 9.10.16, he had inspected the hall and quoted £50.00 plus VAT per square metre to render with self coloured Parex Monorex Monocouche.  Additional costs would be incurred for beading, reinforcement, scaffolding and removal of the old render.  No reply had been received from MP Plastering. T Loader would make some enquiries as to possible firms.  Chairman informed Members that SALC had advised that Parish Councils should preferably not give an order to a Member, who is qualified in a trade such as building.

2)      Other

No matters to report.              



J Grierson currently had no report to give.


10        FEEDBACK :-

a)         Housing and Employment Land Availability – Meeting at Council Offices Wincanton 14.9.16 (C Mintern)

The presentation slides had been circulated to Members prior to the meeting.  C Mintern had attended the meeting and reported the following points:-

·         Government were trying to establish the number of potential properties available

·         A map was available with the various sites shown that may be suitable for development

·         If a site was included on the map it was not an indication that planning permission would be granted

·         A valid site had to be 0.52 hectares or be able to accommodate five properties

·         C Mintern had sight of the map and it did not appear to include the Slades Hill development, it did include sites that had been rejected.


b)         Community Infrastructure Levy – 6.10.16 – M Batchelor/R Cave

R Cave gave the following report from his attendance at the presentation on the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).  The accompanying slides would be circulated to Members:-

·         To set CIL the SSDC have to be able to demonstrate a five year land supply

·         CIL to support the development of the local Council's area

·         With a Neighbourhood Plan the CIL could amount to 25%, uncapped, back to the Parish, via the District Council

·         Without a Neighbourhood Plan the CIL the amount would be more like 15%, capped, or £100.00 per dwelling

·         A Neighbourhood Plan does not have any legal meaning as regards, planning permissions and  can be ignored by any relevant authority.


11        SALC – Capping Consultation

Clerk had circulated paperwork prior to meeting.  Chairman explained that the Government were now considering extending referendums to all parishes in connection with their precept.  Currently this does not apply to a large proportion of parishes.  The Government are aware that increases in precepts continue to concern local tax payers.  Chairman gave various examples of how a possible referendum would affect a Parish.   Currently for shire districts an increase of less than 2% or up to and including £5.00, whichever is the higher, is permitted without triggering a referendum.  If a Parish did increase their precept, more than 2%, and the referendum was extended to Parishes,  in the case of Templecombe, the cost of the referendum would be approximately £800, then the first 4% of any increase would go to paying for the referendum.  SALC and NALC were encouraging Parishes to respond and Clerk would prepare a letter.



1)      Road Scheme – update

Mr William Wallace had informed Clerk that he would be speaking to Mr Alan Jones at Somerset County Council.   Chairman felt that it was now time to consider putting together a detailed report, covering our findings, complaints and photographic evidence.                                                         

The action that was to be taken, as a result of the Safety Report, has yet to be done.  This included further road markings, signage and changes to the signals.  It was suggested that a sub-committee be set up to take the matter further.   M Batchelor was prepared to chair the committee, Sarah Webb and C Mintern were also happy to be part of the committee.  It was also felt that Mr A Denton, Mr A Green and Mr A Kerry should be invited to come on to the committee.  Suggestions were put forward as to whom the report should be sent to and what media methods could be used.  A meeting date of the 2nd November was put forward, starting at 7pm, Clerk would book the URC hall.

2)      Overhanging vegetation – Temple Lane – update

Chairman reported that he had re-reported the overhanging vegetation in Temple Lane, using the new GIS mapping system.

3)      Community Speed watch in Templecombe – update on meeting of volunteers

R Cave reported that 11 people had volunteered and 7 had been able to attend the presentation.  The locations had been chosen and the first training session had been booked for the 29th October at the Yeovil Police Station.                

4)      SCC – details of temporary road closure – Coombe Hill/Yenston Hill

Noted, the work had commenced.

5)      Other

Chairman read out letter dated 9th October 2016, received from Eileen Bate – WI Group.  The WI group had now weeded and improved the soil at the flowerbed by the gateway Templecombe road sign approaching from the Yenston direction.  With the help of Castle Gardens they were going to purchase and plant a selection of low maintenance plants.  Also the verge at the junction of High Street and East Street had been cleared and this would also be planted up with appropriate plants.  The area around the Yew tree had also been weeded and tidied up.  Clerk would write to the WI Group thanking them for their work to the flowerbeds.

Clerk reported that Denise Wallace – SSDC had been in contact as to the naming of the new development off of Bowden Road.  The developer had suggested “Duke Close”.  In 2004 the Parish Council had been approached to come up with a name for the development and “Collingham Close” had been agreed and the appropriate notices were served.  Members were in favour of staying with “Collingham Close” as there is already a “Dukes Close” in Wincanton.  Clerk would notify SSDC. 


13        FOOTPATHS

1)      WN 29/1 Hiscocks footpath level crossing – update

Clerk reported that the required work on the crossing had been carried out.  She had attended with J Grierson and Colin McGowan – Network Rail and the risk assessment had been carried out.  Clerk indicated that the crossing had been used by horses and it was in a much better state and safer to use.



Clerk reported that C James had indicated that the Village trees were in good order.



1)      Maintenance of closed Churchyard and Burial Ground – update

Clerk reported that the acceptance form had been returned to Andy Greene and it was thought that he would be starting the work in the half term.  Paula Batchelor agreed to have a go at removing the elder growth in the yew trees.

2)      Pre-School Shed – update

Chairman read out e mail dated 25th September 2016 from Zoe Stewart at Sticky Fingers Pre-School.  They had now received an affordable quote for the shed's removal.   They did not have a start date for the work.  They did want confirmation that if the concrete base was left for the use of the Scout Group they would be responsible for its removal.  Bearing in mind the decision now from the Scout Group that they do not want to take on the concrete base, the Clerk was instructed to reply to the Pre-School informing them that they would now have to dispose of the concrete base themselves.

3)      Strimmer repair – update if applicable

Clerk reported that the Groundsman had not, as yet, taken the strimmer to D C Garden Machinery at Sturminster Newton.                                                                                                                   

4)      Other

No other matters to report.


16        NEWSLETTER

M Batchelor reported that he would be starting the newsletter early November.



A)        Weekly/Quarterly/Annual Play Inspection Reports

Chairman read out the quarterly report dated 6th September 2016.  The notes and items to monitor were noted.

It was noted that the play area equipment, to be incorporated in the proposed Slades Hill development, would fall within the responsibility of the Parish Council.

Clerk reported that she had contacted Matt Tucker from the Football Club in respect of the rollers.  He indicated that they could now be scrapped.  T Loader volunteered to go and have a look at them to see how accessible they would be to remove.

Following matter in need of attention or updating:-

a)         Fence in North-East corner – update (G Wilson)

Chairman reported that G Wilson had been away, no action had been taken to date.

b)         Repair to safety mats – Play Area – Update

Chairman had obtained some prices for mats which had been circulated.  Clerk reported that Smith Brothers could supply a 1 metre x 1 metre x 25mm black tile for £35.70, exclusive of VAT and delivery.  Paula Batchelor had now collected the wet pour from I Speight.

B)        Social Club

1)      Social Club Report (C Hukins/C James)

C James reported that the AGM had taken place and the Club were progressing well.  C Hukins would be attending the next committee meeting.  C Hukins reported that the Club were intending to have a meeting with the neighbouring residents in connection with the possibility of having the fair back.

C)    Other

Chairman reported that bolts had worked loose again and one was protruding, on the Cone Climber.  Clerk had notified Proludic and received a call from Neil Phillips of Rubicon Play.  He would not be able to come out until the beginning of November.  He stated that the equipment would still be safe and recommended that the bolts be removed.  He would put an appropriate allen key in the post.   The bolts are used effectively to ensure the connection of the bearing to the lower and upper masts, removal of the bolts will not affect the safety of the product providing the product is used as it is intended.  Clerk had put “do not use” notices on the equipment and taped it off.



It was suggested that the traffic sub-committee should consider whether a letter should be sent to the local hauliers ie Hopkins requesting them to be more sympathetic when travelling through the Village.


Meeting closed at  10.35 pm                signed.....................................................dated..................