Minutes of the Meeting held on the

10th May 2016


PRESENT Councillors M Batchelor (Chairman), T Loader, C James, Paula Batchelor, R Cave, C Hukins, G Wilson, A Haskell



2 Parishioners


Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed the Parishioners.


It was reported that footballs were being taken into the Children's Play Area and being kicked against the fencing of the residents in Vine Grove. Not only could this cause damage to the fence it was also becoming a nuisance. There is adequate space for football on the top football pitch which is now rarely used. It was felt an article could be included in the newsletter and the PCSO's would be asked to visit the Recreation Ground when they are in the area. The Parish Council would also review the signage. The positioning of the basket swing was discussed, Chairman reported that advice was taken from SSDC as to positioning and it was specified that the location it currently has was suitable for that type of equipment.

It was noted that no monitoring, in the 20 mph zone, had taken place as yet. It was asked whether the SID could record the actual speed of vehicles as opposed to just flashing at vehicles exceeding the speed limit.



Sarah Webb, J Grierson, William Wallace (District/County Councillor), Tim Inglefield (District Councillor), PCSOs Thelma Mead, John Winfield



It was proposed by C Hukins and seconded by C James that the draft Minutes, as previously circulated, be agreed as correct and signed by the Chairman.



T Loader declared an interest in Agenda item 15 b) Social Club as he is now the Treasurer at the Sports and Social Club. Clerk will amend his dispensation.



Received since the last meeting as discussed:-

1)       Letter of resignation I Speight. Chairman read out the letter received from I Speight. Chairman and Members expressed their thanks to I Speight for his many years of service and support to the Parish Council. Clerk would write to thank him and arrange to put up the official notices to enable co-option to take place.

2)       A Tregarth Clerk reported that a copy letter had been received, for information purposes, from A Tregarth, written in support of Debonair Dogs, Yenston Hill (adjacent Parish).



1)       Determination of Applications

Application no 16/00787/FUL Formation of New Access Temple Lane Stables Temple Lane Templecombe (Granted)

2)       Notification of Area East Committee Meeting to be held on the 11th May 2016 at 9.00 am at The Council Offices Churchfield Wincanton (R Cave)

R Cave reported reference to the capital award, at the Recreation Ground, under the Area East achievements/delivery within the last 12 months. From the Housing Need in Area East Report it was stated that there were 13 households, in Abbas and Templecombe, on the Homefinder Somerset Register expressing Templecombe as their first choice of location for Area East as at the 18th April 2016. The number of properties let between 1st April 2015 and 31st March 2016 totalled 12.

3)       Slades Hill 106 Agreement update if applicable

No matters to report.

4)       Other

It was reported that possible unauthorised works/business matters could be occurring at a property in Bowden Road. Clerk was asked to report the matter to SSDC for clarification.



1)       To approve accounts and sign cheques

It was proposed by T Loader and seconded by R Cave that the following cheques be paid:-


BWBSL (Wessex Water) Water charges at Recreation

Ground/Social Club 14.10.16 to 7.4.16 647.57

SALC Affiliation fees 2016/17 384.58

Mrs D Vanstone Internal Audit fees year end 31.3.16 60.00

Martin Haskett Agricultural Contractors Limited hedge

cutting at Churchyard 72.00

Came and Company Insurance renewal 2016/17 1,878.61

J Pratt (Groundsman) Recreation Ground/Churchyard/

Burial Ground April 2016 321.77

T Chapman (Clerk) Salary/Expenses May 2016 341.57


2)       To approve Internal Controls

Chairman read out the internal controls to Members. The controls were reviewed, agreed and accepted by Members.


3)       Completion of Annual Return year end 31.3.16

a) Completion of the Annual Governance Statement 2015/16

Chairman read out the Annual Governance Statement 2015/16 to Members. All the necessary action had been taken and the statements agreed. Chairman/Clerk signed the statement.


b) Completion of the Accounting Statements 2015/16

Chairman referred to the Accounting Statements 2015/16 which were in agreement to the approved accounts for 2015/16. Chairman/Clerk signed the statement.


4)       Review of Annual Rents

Paula Batchelor declared an interest as a member of Templars Tennis Club. T Loader declared his dispensation in connection with the Sports and Social Club, as Treasurer.


Clerk reported the following annual rents as at 2015/16:-


Templars Tennis Club - 340.00

Templecombe Sports and Social Club - 443.92 (Reviewed, as per terms of Lease, in 2015)


Members discussed the rents and were in agreement that they should remain for 2016/17. It was noted that the Templars Tennis Club were intending to carry out work to the courts. Members were in agreement to discuss financial support for the project at the appropriate time.


5)       Other

Clerk reported that the April Utility Warehouse electricity account, for the changing rooms, amounted to 11.06. The following interest had been received as at the 29th April 2016:-


NatWest Business Reserve Account 77p

NatWest Business Reserve Account (Play Equipment Appeal) 2p


The following monies had also been received:-


VAT refund 1.4.15 to 31.3.16 - 5,270.06


Confirmation had been received from NatWest Bank confirming that the recent updates to the account had been effective from the 3rd May 2016.



C Hukins reported that four members of the Parish Council attended the Scout's AGM. The next group meeting was scheduled for the 17th May and the next working party meeting would take place on the 23rd May.

1)       Scout Hut proposals update if applicable

Chairman reported that no formal response to our letter, concerning a new lease, had been received. The following issues would have to be considered when preparation of the new lease took place:-

         A term of 60 years

         5 year period to commence work on the hut, if this was not achieved the lease would become void

         Use of the track in view of the safety of the Scouts and children.



1)       Quotations for rendering Village Hall update

Clerk reported that an estimate had now been received from ECR Services dated 4th May 2016. The estimate amounted to 4,435.00 for labour and materials. Clerk would go back to Martyn Bond (ECR Services) to establish that this included scaffolding, skip and carting away. Clerk had requested a further quotation and was awaiting a site visit. A Haskell might know of a firm and Clerk would send him a copy of the existing tender form. It was suggested that SSDC might know of some further firms we could approach.


9 Number left in in error - No matter for action.



1)       Road Scheme update if applicable

It was noted that the proposed hatching, at build out 4, indicating no bikes/motorbikes accessing the gap had not been installed.

2)       SCC e mail dated 15.4.16 Proposed relocation of Manor House SID on temporary basis

Dave Grabham (SCC) indicated that it would not be possible to install the SID at the Manor House location due to the New Road layout sign being attached to the post. The SID was due to be installed during the week commencing 30th May 2016 It was agreed that the SID should be located, in the 20 mph zone, at build out 4 on the High Street.

3)       Other

It was noted that the yellow lines had not yet been applied to the area at the entrance to the Station.

It was reported that an area of the road had begun to sink at build out 3 by the Church wall. Clerk reported the following replies from Highways on the various matters raised:-

         Blocked drains outside no 10 and 32 Bowden Road, outside no 43 West Street, outside no 44 High Street and opposite no 23 Vine Street. Highways acknowledged that they were full of mud and detritus. The next planned cleaning was due in 2017/18. It was believed that they would benefit from being emptied and a request had been submitted.

         Silver inspection covers on Station Road. Upon an inspection it was noted that the grip pattern was not worn and conforms to what would be required for footway 'grip' requirements.

         Pothole opposite no 39 High Street. Highways reported that the pothole is forming by the on road SLOW markings and is would be raised as a defect against the original surfacing and would be remedied by the contractor in due course. The road would be monitored monthly.

         Shrub obstructing footpath at Brines Orchard. Highways had now been out and cut the shrub back.


Also an e mail had been received from Mr Ralph Riffer, owner of the Tustin Hall site on Church Hill, indicating that he would deal with the overgrown vegetation.



1)       WN 29/1 Hiscocks footpath level crossing update

Clerk reported that whilst in the location of the above crossing Colin McGowan (Network Rail) was in attendance. He again confirmed that a work order had been submitted but the delivery of the ballast to the site would have to coincide with similar work being carried out in the area. He referred to the suggestion of diverting the bridleway through the nearby cattle creep and suggested that enquiries could be made to ownership of the appropriate fields in the vicinity of the cattle creep.



C James reported that he had cleared some brambles and cut up the wood, left by SSE, at the Recreation Ground.



1)       Maintenance of closed Churchyard and Burial Ground update

a) Section of Churchyard Wall adjacent to Church House update

Clerk reported that still no reply had been received from the Archdeacon and calls had been made. Matter would be chased up again.

2)       New Memorial Request Lilian Pamela Rawlins Burpitt

A request had been received from S Folkes Memorials for a headstone. The style and wording were in keeping and agreed. Clerk would return the form signed as approved.

3)       Other

Paula Batchelor reported that she would weed around the roses, along side the track way, and top up the bark if needed. Trish Foers had also offered to help.

G Wilson reported that the plaque was now in place in the rose garden.



M Batchelor reported the following articles for inclusion in the June edition:-

         FOTS (Friends of Templecombe Station) award

         Dog fouling in the Recreation Ground

         Speed checks in the Village

         Resignation of I Speight

         Volunteer drivers

         Use of the Recreation Ground by children/young people

The software, currently being used to produce the newsletter, was shortly going to stop. The latest version could be purchased for 40.00 and Members were in agreement to M Batchelor going ahead and placing an order.



A) Play Area

1)       Weekly/Quarterly/Annual Play Area Inspection Reports

Clerk reported that the Groundsman's inspection had revealed that the spring had gone on the gate to the Children's Play Area from the Yarnbarton entrance. It may be that the spring needs re-tensioning. Clerk would look out previous paperwork. Paula Batchelor said she and Chris would be happy to have a look at it. I Speight had dealt with a similar problem in the past and would also help if needed. Alan Haskell reported a deep hole had appeared by the tractor shed. Paula had some soil to refill it.


In light of recent discussions as to the use of footballs in the Children's Play Area it was felt the signage should be reviewed. Clerk would obtain a quotation for a sign indicating 'No ball games permitted in the Children's play area' for further discussion at the next meeting.

Following matters in need of attention:-

a) Fence in North-East corner posts broken off and pushed over update (G Wilson)

G Wilson reported that the matter was in hand and Paula Batchelor, T Loader and M Batchelor were still happy to assist.

2)       106 Agreement Hillcrest Play Area draft Management Plan update/Draft Revenue Award Offer update if applicable

Clerk would contact Rob Parr (SSDC) to see what further was required of the Parish Council and when the maintenance payments would commence.

B) Social Club

1)       Social Club Report(C Hukins/C James)

C James reported that an action plan was in operation. The joint meeting scheduled for the 2nd June was cancelled.

2)       Templecombe Sports and Social Club letter dated 1.5.16

T Loader declared an interest. Chairman read out the letter from the Sports and Social Club dated 1st May 2016. It indicated that T Loader was now Treasurer and an action plan put together and in operation. There were new members and new officers on the committee. Now information had been collated a proposal to pay outstanding amounts to the Parish Council was put forward. Regular up dates would be forthcoming from C Hukins and C James.

C)      Recreation Ground issues e mail dated 12.4.16

Dealt with during the open session.

D)      Other

Clerk reported that a letter had been received from Rochford Garden Machinery indicating that the MTX Jupiter mower was approaching the end of its first year's warranty. It was advised that the mower has a service before it enters its second year of warranty. Clerk would speak to the Groundsman to see if he felt this was necessary. Other suggestions were made as to possible people who could carry out a service.

Mark Day had recently inspected the brakes on the tractor and would be dealing with the wiring for the windscreen wiper.



C Hukins enquired whether it was necessary for a prospective councillor to have lived in the Village for 12 months prior to applying to come on to the Parish Council. Clerk would check.



Meeting closed at 9.35 pm Signed..........................................................dated.....................