Minutes of the Meeting held on the

10th January 2017


PRESENT  Councillors M Batchelor (Chairman), R Cave (Vice Chair), T Loader, J Grierson, C James, G Wilson, Paula Batchelor, C Hukins, Sarah Webb, C Mintern, A Haskell



1 Parishioner, Mr William Wallace (District/County Councillor)


The Chairman welcomed Mr A Kerry and Mr William Wallace and commenced the open session.


Chairman thanked Allan Kerry for his work on the traffic scheme sub-committee.  There are some speeds and times to go in and should be complete within the next 10 days.  A final meeting of the sub-committee would take place on the 18th January 2017 at 7 pm in the URC hall.  Clerk would check availability of hall.


William Wallace reported that he had spoken to Alan Jones at SCC with reference to the Slades Hill development.   The 106 Agreement provided funds that could possibly help with any alterations to the build outs.  The traffic report could also assist with any suggestions to the build outs.  He proposed a meeting with Alan Jones in Taunton.  An e mail had been received from Martyn Evans SCC stating that they wanted to close the discussions on the road scheme.  The Parish Council did not wish the matter to be closed as the report was yet to be circulated.  Clerk would contact Martyn Evans.


Allan Kerry stated that he felt the duty of care had not been adequately carried out.  The 20 mph speed limit has no effect approaching build out 4 and it was felt there should be more calming at the other end of the Village.  There are no documents covering property damage.  The traffic report could form part of an official complaint.  Allen Kerry intended to put in an official complaint.   G Wilson reported that damage had been caused to the concrete at the entrance to Ravens Yard.



Mr Tim  Inglefield, PCSO John Winfield



It was proposed by R Cave and seconded by T Loader that the draft Minutes, as previously circulated, be agreed as correct ad signed by the Chairman.



T Loader declared an interest in Agenda item 15 B).  A Haskell declared an interest in Agenda item 7.  Sarah Webb declared an interest in Agenda item 5 4).



Received since the last meeting as discussed:-

1)      Somerset Waste Partnership – Monthly Waste Partnership Briefing – December 2016.  It was noted that the three weekly collections would be introduced when the Recycle More Scheme is rolled out, in three phases, late 2017.

2)      J Grierson – Acknowledgement of donation to RBL Poppy Appeal 2016.  Noted.

3)      SALC – e mail dated 15.12.16 – NALC – No extension of referendum principles.  Chairman reported that the tax referendum principles would not be extended to parish and town councils in 2017/18.

4)      SCC –School Admission Arrangements 2018/19 Consultation – poster.  Clerk would display information on the notice boards.

5)      Seasons Greeting – Phil Dominey – Stagecoach Rail.  Noted.

6)      SCC – Somerset Prepared Newsletter.  Chairman reported that this was the first edition.  It would be produced four times a year to help keep local emergency arrangements up to date and the local community prepared.

7)      Area East’s Annual Meeting with Parish and Town Councils – Monday 23rd January 2017 6.30 pm for 6.50 pm start – Agenda.  R Cave, C Hukins and C Mintern wished to attend.  Clerk would reply.

8)      Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner – Policing Plan/Newsletter.  Chairman read out the accompanying letter.  The Plan and Newsletter were available from the Clerk.


5        PLANNING

1)      Determinations of Applications

Application no 16/04840/TPO – Application to pollard 1 no. Horse Chestnut tree which is included in the Yeovil District Council (ABTE 1) Tree Preservation Order 1977 Amended to proposal to carry out an overall crown-reduction of x1 Horse Chestnut by tip-pruning the outer crown in length by up to 2.5 metres – Archway Cottage  13 The Hamlet Templecombe (Granted)

Application no 16/04706/FUL – Proposed construction of new dwelling with detached double garage and associated works – Land adjacent to Greenhill  Lily Lane  Templecombe (Granted)

Application no 16/03330/S73A – Section 73a application to amend condition 2 (approved plans) and 9 (finished floor levels) of planning approval 09/03037/FUL following changes arising from final road and drainage designs – Land rear of 18 to 24 Westcombe  Templecombe (Granted)

2)      Notification of Area East Committee Meeting to be held on the 11th January 2017 at 9.00 am at The Council Offices  Churchfield Wincanton (R Cave).

      No matters to report.

3)      SSDC – Letter dated 20.12.16 – Application no 16/03330/S73a – Section 73a to amend condition 2 (approved plans) and 9 (finished floor levels) of planning approval 09/03037/FUL following level changes arising from final road and drainage designs – Land rear of 18-24 Westcombe  Templecombe.  Noted.

4)      Slades Hill development/Slades Hill 106 Agreement – update

a)      Confirmation of further response to application 16/04551/REM – dated 19th

December 2016 - Following the recent meeting with SSDC Planning Department and Members of the Parish Council, who reported the matters covered to Members at the meeting on the 13th December 2016, an update of comments made had been sent to SSDC on the 19th December 2016.

It was noted that some of the road layout and turning bays, within the development may not be correct or up to standard.  This may lead to the development roads not being adopted.  When the application reaches the Area East Committee the Parish Council will be represented.


Clerk reported that the following application was received after the preparation of the Agenda.  Due to the timescale of the 25th January 2017 it was agreed the application should be discussed.

5)      Application no 16/05493/FUL – Extensions and alterations to dwelling and the conversion of the western end of the outbuilding to the rear of the dwelling to ancillary residential use – Middle Throop Farm  13 Throop Road  Templecombe.

Members discussed the above application and had no objections.  They were happy with the high standard of the intended alterations and that as much as possible of the original building would be retained.



1)      To approve accounts and sign cheques

It was proposed by Paula Batchelor and seconded by Sarah Webb that the following cheques be paid:-


Kier Recycling CIC – Waste collection 1/1/17 to 31/3/17                             110.60

G B Sport and Leisure UK Ltd – 2 x J Hook Cradle Seats –

Play Area, Recreation Ground                                                                        166.80

J Platt (Groundsman) – Salary/Expenses December 2016 –

Recreation Ground, Burial Ground and Churchyard                                       46.50

T Chapman (Clerk) – Salary/Expenses – January 2017                                  434.15


2)      Precept 2017/18

Clerk circulated copies of the budget 2017- 2018.  Members considered the budget and the future projects.   Clerk reported that the Council Tax Support Grant for 2017/18 amounted to £410.00, for 2018/19 it was estimated at £150.00 and thereafter it would be nil.  The budget requirement for 2016/17 amounted to £20,976.00.  It was proposed by C James and seconded by R Cave that this sum should be increase by 4%.  All Members were in agreement.


3)      Other

Clerk reported that the December Utility Warehouse electricity account, for the changing rooms, amounted to £23.77.



1)      Scout Hut proposals – update

T Loader reported that he had spoken to Andrew Smith who confirmed that the Scout Group wished to proceed with a 60 year lease.

The Scout Group would be holding an open meeting on the 31st January, in the School, for anyone who may be interested in the proposed new building plans.  They wanted ideas for fund raising and they would also be looking for volunteers.



1)      Quotations for rendering Village Hall – update

Clerk reported that no further replies had been received from the specifications for the rendering that had been sent out previously.  The weather was now not suitable for rendering work

2)      Other

Clerk reported that the new floor covering, for the kitchen floor, had been done by S J H Flooring Wincanton.  The next Village Hall Committee meeting would take place on the 1st February 2017.



J Grierson reported that he had obtained a copy of Martock’s plan, which would be useful as a model, and he would be going through this with R Cave.  There were three plans within the Village at Thales, the School and Knights Templar Nursing Home.  He had spoken to Helen Coombes about resources the URC could supply.  He hoped to be able to circulate a draft within the next couple of months.  Sarah Webb stated that the School field gates allowed for emergency access and the Air Ambulance was able to land on the school field.



1)      Road Scheme – update/draft report circulated prior to meeting to Members

Covered in the open session.

2)      Community Speed Watch in Templecombe – update if applicable

The volunteers were meeting two or three times a week.  On one occasion 288 cars were recorded but only three were speeding.

3)      Storage suggestion for Highway salt supply – update

It was suggested that the unit could be situated next to G Wilson’s fence and Chairman’s drive.  There is a tarmaced area that would be a suitable location.  Chairman circulated designs and prices for suggested units.  It was agreed to purchase a unit, which would hold approximately 18 bags of salt, amounting to £99.87 plus delivery charge.  All Members were in agreement. 

4)      Other

No other matters to report.



J Grierson reported no issues.



C James reported no issues.



1)      Maintenance of closed Churchyard and Burial Ground – update

No matters to report.

2)      Pre-School Shed – update if applicable

Clerk reported that Sticky Fingers would shortly be going ahead with the removal of the shed.  It was suggested that the concrete base be dealt with at a later stage and to see what state it is in once the shed has been removed.

3)      Other

No other matters to report.



Chairman reported that the following items would be included in the March edition:-

1)      Precept 2017/18

2)      Thank you to the Village for using the Christmas tree recycling facility supplied by SSDC



A)    Weekly/Quarterly/Annual Play Area Inspection Reports

Chairman referred to the Quarterly report dated 14th December 2016 and it was noted that the nets were becoming worn on the Twist Multi Unit.  Paula Batchelor would carry out an inspection and if necessary obtain a quote.

The Groundsman’s weekly sheet, dated 5th January 2017, reported that some trees had been cut down on the western boundary at the Recreation Ground.  The branches had been left by the tractor shed.  A van had been used and had left two ruts in the grass.  Members were in agreement for the matter to be reported to the Police.

Following matter in need of attention or updating:-

a)      Fence in North-East corner – proposed hedging update (G Wilson/Paula Batchelor)

It was felt that the hedge should be planted on the Yarnbarton side of the fence.  G Wilson would apply another application of weed killer.  Paula Batchelor reported that the hedge had been ordered and would need to go in at the end of March.  The dead vegetation on the bank needed strimming and it may be necessary to apply some grass seed.

b)         Repair to safety mats – Play Area – update (Paula Batchelor)

Paula Batchelor reported that she had contacted Simon Williams and he indicated that the work would need to be carried out when the weather was settled.

c)           Toddler swings unit – replacement swings – update (Paula Batchelor)

Paula Batchelor reported that the swings had now been fitted.

B)    Social Club

1)      Social Club Report (C Hukins/C James)

C Hukins reported that the Social Club is going well.  Bookings were up and some new Members had joined the Committee.

C)    Other

No other matters to report.



No matters to report.


Meeting closed at 9.42 pm signed..........................................dated..................