Minutes of the Meeting held on the

9th August 2016


PRESENT Councillors M Batchelor (Chairman), R Cave (Vice Chair), Sarah Webb, T Loader, J Grierson, C James, G Wilson, Paula Batchelor, C Hukins, A Haskell and C Mintern



Mr Tim Inglefield (District Councillor)


Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed co-opted Parish Councillor Mr Carl Mintern. Acceptance of Office form had been completed.


Mr Tim Inglefield reported that a new operating model for the District Council had been put together for consultation in due course. Four other District Councils had been looked at and it was felt more could be achieved by considering this action. A permanent full-time Chief Executive had now been selected and would be starting on the 1st October. He referred to the Slades Hill development and the five year housing supply. This was being limited due to developers not completing properties once sites had been approved. Currently 725 properties were needed per year but only 625 were being achieved.



Mr William Wallace (District/County Councillor) and PCSO John Winfield



It was proposed by C Hukins and seconded by Paula Batchelor that the draft Minutes, as previously circulated, be agreed as correct and signed by the Chairman.



Sarah Webb declared her dispensation in connection with Agenda item 5 4) Slades Hill 106 Agreement. C Mintern declared an interest in connection with Agenda item 8 Village Hall rendering quotations update.



Received since the last meeting as discussed:-

1)       SSDC Invitation to Town and Parish Council information sessions Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment Abbas and Templecombe were included on the list of parishes with sites. Clerk had spoken to SSDC but at present this assessment was work in progress. An information session would be held on the 14th September 2016 from 6.00 to 8.00 pm at the Council Offices, Churchfields, Wincanton. Sarah Webb and C Mintern agreed to attend.

2)       SALC NALC survey Community led housing. Chairman read out e mail. He and Clerk would have a look at responses and complete the survey.

3)       CCS invitation to attend Annual Training, AGM and workshop Chairman and R Cave would attend.

4)       Somerset County Council - Somerset our County circulated to Members.

5)       Somerset County Council - Travel Somerset Website Chairman read out details of the new website to assist with travel and road issues.



1)       Determination of Applications


2)       Notification of Area East Committee Meeting to be held on the 10th August 2016 at 9.00 am at The Council Offices Churchfield Wincanton (R Cave)

No matters to report.

3)       SSDC Planning enquiry ref 16/00206/USE 41 Bowden Road

Chairman referred to the reply received from Planning Officer dated 22.7.16. A site inspection had been carried out and no evidence was found. It was their intention to close the case file. Photographic evidence, showing that the property was being used as a business, would be needed to carry out a further investigation.


4)       Slades Hill 106 Agreement update

Sarah Webb reported that an enquiry had been made with the planning officer and he had indicated that detailed planning was being submitted. He also indicated that the developer does not have to consult the community. It was agreed that when the application was received a separate meeting would be needed. The current planning application on the site expires at the end of October 2016.

5)       Other

No matters to report.



1)       To approve accounts and sign cheques

It was proposed by T Loader and seconded by Paula Batchelor that the following cheques be paid:-


Henstridge Youth Club Donation 2016/17 150.00

South Somerset CAB Donation 2016/17 150.00

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance Donation 2016/17 150.00

Dragon Courts Cleaning, coating and lining to Tennis Courts 4,452.00

Vale Signs and Print Replacement signs at Recreation Ground 135.00

SALC Fee for councillor training 7.7.16 West Camel 25.00

J Pratt (Groundsman) Recreation Ground/Churchyard/Burial Ground -

Salary/expenses July 2016 337.08

T Chapman (Clerk) Salary/Expenses August 2016 383.00


2)       Donation received from Thales Group use of Recreation Ground for car parking

Clerk reported that a donation of 1,500.00 had been received from Thales, for the use of the recreation ground for car parking, during the recent works at their site. It was agreed that the donation should be put towards community use and supporting the Village Christmas trees, over the coming years. R Cave thought that an amount had previously been agreed to be given towards the Village Christmas trees. A letter of thanks would be sent to Alan Cook at Thales.

3)       Other

Clerk reported that the July Utility Warehouse electricity account, for the changing rooms, amounted to 5.63.


The following monies had been received:-


P Jackson Funeral expenses W Bellows deceased 276.00

Templars Tennis Club Donation towards costs to work

to Tennis Courts 2,210.00

P Jackson Purchase of plot in Burial Ground J Bellows 196.00

Thales Donation for use of car parking facilities 1,500.00


Clerk reported that the water usage, in connection with the cleaning of the courts, amounted to 57.00. It was previously agreed that the Parish Council would meet these costs. Members discussed the annual rent for 2016/17, payable by Templars Tennis Club, and it was felt that this should now be requested.



C Hukins reported that the Scout Group had approached Rutter and Rutter Solicitors. The next joint meeting scheduled for September had been postponed and would be re-arranged.

1)       Scout Hut proposals update

Chairman reported and he and the Clerk had now been to see Mr Charles Rutter at Rutter and Rutter, Wincanton. Copy documents and a list of the conditions were left and Mr Rutter would contact Mr Christopher Jones at Harris and Harris, Solicitors, who acted previously for the PCC of St Mary's Church. He suggested that a binding Agreement to Lease could be drawn up. The Scout Group would have to establish whether this document would be sufficient to obtain any funding.



1)       Quotations for rendering Village Hall update

Clerk reported the following quotes:-


MP Plastering - 2,500.00 exclusive of VAT, there may be extra costs and it was not clear whether the use of a skip was included.


Mintern Building and Landscaping Ltd - 9,554.40 inclusive of VAT, This was for the whole of the building. C Mintern commented that he thought it might be possible not to remove all of the present rendering. It was agreed to have a meeting at the hall with the object of putting together a revised specification. C Minten and A Haskell were happy to attend. Clerk would set up a meeting and invite Alan Berry to also attend.

2)       Other

No other matters to report.



J Grierson reported that that he would be arranging to meet with the emergency services, Thales, South West Trains and L Bennett. The Police had been in contact.



1)       Road Scheme update

Chairman reported that if Mr William Wallace had nothing further to report by the September meeting the matter would be taken further.

2)       SCC SID report A357 near the pedestrian build out - 1st - 10th June 2016 Matter reported on at the meeting held on the 12th July 2016.

3)       Community Speed watch in Templecombe update

Chairman reported that a request for volunteers would be included in the article in the September edition of the newsletter. Notices had been put in the noticeboards and in the Westcombe Stores. Some people had already put their names forward to take part in the scheme.

4)       WI enquiry Area at the entrance to East Street/Flower bed by Templecombe sign Combe Hill update

Chairman reported that the area at the entrance to East Street had been cleared of vegetation and suitable plants would be put in during the autumn. An enquiry had been received from the WI in connection with the flower bed by the Templecombe sign on Combe Hill. They were happy to take on the maintenance of the flower bed and had approached Castle Gardens of Sherborne who would be advising them as to what plants would be suitable. Members were in agreement for them to carry out the work and expressed their thanks to Mr G Budden and G Wilson who had taken on up keep when the flower bed was established.

5)       Other

It was reported that children were cycling the wrong way down the Vine Street one-way system.



1)       WN 29/1 Hiscocks footpath level crossing update

J Grierson had carried out a further inspection and no work had been carried out to the crossing. Clerk reported that no reply had been received from the British Horse Society. Clerk would chase the matter up with Mr Colin McGowan at Network Rail.



C James reported that all the trees were in good order.



1)       Maintenance of closed Churchyard and Burial Ground update

Clerk had no matters to report.

2)       Churchyard/Burial Ground annual maintenance

Members were in agreement to the Clerk contacting Mr Andy Greene, in connection with the annual maintenance in the Churchyard/Burial Ground, to obtain a quotation for the required work.

3)       Yew Trees

Clerk reported that the yew trees along the path, leading to the Burial Ground, needed to be cut back to allow access when a funeral was taking place. Clerk would contact Andy Greene to discuss the matter.

Paula Batchelor reported that ground elder had grown through some of the yew trees and she was happy to remove it in due course.

4)       Other

Clerk reported that an attempt had been made to remove the hand rail on the Church steps, from School Lane car park. One of the brackets had been pulled out from the wall making the hand rail loose. The lower rail was missing. In the meantime hazard tape would be put on the broken area. Clerk would contact Mr J Harvey to see if he could carry out a repair.



Chairman reported that he would be shortly circulating the draft and had included the following articles:-

         Medieval Pageant

         Village speed limits/Community speed watch

         Village Fete

         Templars Tennis Club new playing surface

         SCC new travel and traffic website

         The Lime Room work hub at Churchfield Wincanton



A) Play Area

1)       Weekly/Quarterly/Annual Play Area Inspection Reports

Chairman reported that the recent welding to the cone climber had held. R Cave reported that the hole in the rubber tile, under the roundabout, could be a trip hazard. It was suggested that wet pour/rubber tiles could be purchased from G B Sports and Leisure. Paula Batchelor would have a look and obtain a quote.

Following matter in need of attention or updating:-

a) Fence in North-East corner update (G Wilson)

Chairman suggested that it might be necessary to put in some extra posts to support the fence. G Wilson would have a look at what was needed.

2)       106 Agreement Hillcrest Play Area draft Management Plan update/Draft Revenue Award Offer update

The signed Revenue Award Offer had been returned to Rob Parr SSDC. Clerk would e mail him to see when we could expect the first instalment of the maintenance grant.

B) Social Club

1)       Social Club Report (C Hukins/C James)

C James reported that a balance sheet was available at the last meeting and the debt was reducing. It was reported that some of the roof tiles were chipped and breaking. C Mintern agreed to carry out an inspection and report back to the Parish Council.

2)       Electrical report

Clerk reported that the electrical report was dated 31st October 2013. It was recommended that the installation was inspected and tested after an interval of not more than five years.

3)       Social Club Membership

C James reported that a committee member had been appointed, as Membership Secretary, and he would be dealing with Membership issues shortly when the renewal of membership was due.

C)      Future of BMX Track/Youth Shelter/Proposed dog walking area

A Parishioner had enquired whether the BMX track was still being regularly used. A suggestion had been put forward to level it out and then grass over for use as play area for younger children. Members felt that the present play area was sufficient and catered for the younger children.

It was also suggested that the youth shelter was sited the wrong way around. It was felt it was sited where it is for visibility reasons and so that it was not near the surrounding properties.

A dog walk area had also been suggested which might assist with the continuing dog fouling problems. Plans had been drawn up and circulated to Members for consideration. The Members felt that the proposal was not feasible.

D)      Incident 15.7.16 Damage to window at Yarnbarton

Chairman read out an e mail received from a resident of Yarnbarton detailing an incident that resulted in damage to a window of a property backing on to the Recreation Ground. The incident was reported to the Police. Clerk was instructed to write to the Sports and Social Club to inform them and request them to ensure bottles are not taken into the Recreation Ground.

E) Other

Paula Batchelor reported that Chris and Matthew Batchelor had put up the new signs at the Recreation Ground. Chairman expressed the Members' thanks.



No matters reported.


Meeting closed at 9.50pm Signed..............................................................dated.........................