Abbas and Templecombe Parish Council

Clerk: Mrs T J Chapman 7 Slades Hill  Templecombe  Somerset BA8 OHF

Telephone: 01963 370527 e-mail



TUESDAY 10th JANUARY 2017 at 7.15pm



A G E N D A  

The Press and Public are welcome to attend, but other than when invited they have no right to speak.


1                       Apologies for Absence


2               Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 13th December 2016


3               Declarations of Interest and Dispensations – Members of the Parish Council are asked to declare any interests/dispensations that they may have in any items on the agenda


4               Correspondence

1)                     Somerset Waste Partnership – Monthly Waste Partnership Briefing – December 2016.

2)                     J Grierson – Acknowledgement of donation to RBL Poppy Appeal 2016.

3)                     SALC – e mail dated 15.12.16 – NALC – No extension of referendum principles.

4)                     SCC – School Admission Arrangements 2018/19 Consultation – poster.

5)                     Seasons Greeting –

6)                     SCC – Somerset Prepared Newsletter.

7)                     Area East's Annual Meeting with Parish and Town Councils – Monday 23rd January 2017

                  6.30 pm for 6.50 pm start – Agenda.

8)                     Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner – Policing Plan/Newsletter.

9)               Any items of correspondence received after the preparation of the Agenda that requires action prior to the next meeting.


5               Planning

1)                      Determination of Applications (if applicable)

2)                      Notification of Area East Committee Meeting  held on the 11th January 2017 at              9.00am at Churchfield   Wincanton  (Robin Cave)

3)                     SSDC – Letter dated 20.12.16 – Application no 16/03330/S73a – Section 73a to amend condition 2 (approved plans) and 9 (finished floor levels) of planning approval 09/03037/FUL following level changes arising from final road and drainage designs – Land rear of 18-24 Westcombe  Templecombe

4)                      Slades Hill development/Slades Hill 106 Agreement – update

a)              Confirmation of further response to application 16/04551/REM – dated 19th December 2016

5)              Any other planning matters received by the 10th January 2017


6               Accounting matters

1)                      To approve accounts and sign cheques

2)                      Precept 2017/18

3)                      Other


7               Templecombe Scout Group Report/Scout Hut – C Hukins

1)                     Scout Hut proposals -  update



8               Village Hall – A Haskell/T Loader

1)                     Quotations for rendering Village Hall  – update

2)                     Other


9               Templecombe Community Emergency Plan – update (J Grierson/R Cave)


10             Highway Matters 

1)                     Road Scheme – update/ draft report circulated prior to meeting to Members

2)                     Community Speed watch in Templecombe – update if applicable

3)              Storage suggestion for Highway salt supply – update

4)              Other – Clerk will update on reported highway matters (if applicable)




11             Footpaths


12             Tree Warden’s Report


13             Burial Ground/ Closed Churchyard

1)                     Maintenance of closed Churchyard and Burial Ground – update

2)                     Pre-School Shed – update if applicable

3)              Other items that may arise that may need dealing with prior to next meeting


14             Newsletter


15             Recreation Ground Matters/Children’s Play Area

A)         Play Area

1)          Weekly/Quarterly/Annual Play Area Inspection Reports

Following matter in need of attention or updating:-

a)              Fence in North-East corner   - proposed hedging  update (G Wilson/Paula Batchelor)

b)              Repair to safety mats – Play Area – update (Paula  Batchelor)

c)              Toddler swings unit – replacement swings – update (Paula Batchelor)

B)         Social Club

1)          Social Club Report (C Hukins/C James)

C)      Other


16             Any other business/items for Agenda for next meeting on the 14th February 2017.     Deadline for agenda items Monday 6th February 2017.



 Signed …....................................dated  4.1.17           Clerk/RFO