Abbas and Templecombe Parish Council

Clerk: Mrs T J Chapman 7 Slades Hill  Templecombe  Somerset BA8 OHF

Telephone: 01963 370527 e-mail



TUESDAY 8th NOVEMBER 2016 at 7.15pm



A G E N D A  

            The Press and Public are welcome to attend, but other than when invited they have no right to speak.


1            Apologies for Absence


2            Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 11th October 2016


3            Declarations of Interest and Dispensations – Members of the Parish Council are asked to declare any interests/dispensations that they may have in any items on the agenda


4            Correspondence

1)                     Somerset Waste Partnership – Monthly Waste Partnership Briefing – October 2016

2)                     SSDC – Area East Bulletin – October 2016

3)                     Came and Company – Council Matters Autumn 2016

4)                     SSDC – Rural Housing Action Plan

5)                     SSDC – Historic Environment Strategy

6)                     SSDC – Council Tax Setting Workshop - 14th November 2016

7)                     Wincanton Town Council – notification of Wincanton Neighbourhood Plan – Draft for consultation

8)          Any items of correspondence received after the preparation of the Agenda that requires action prior to the next meeting


5            Planning

1)                      Determination of Applications (if applicable)

2)                      Notification of Area East Committee Meeting to be held on the 9th November 2016 at 9.00am at Churchfield   Wincanton  (Robin Cave)

3)                     Planning application no 16/04551/REM – Application for the approval of the remaining reserved matters (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) of outline planning approval 13/03116/OUT (Mixed use development comprising up to 75 dwellings, B1a, b and c employment, D1 multi purpose community building and associated development) – Land at Slades Hill Templecombe

4)                     Slades Hill development/Slades Hill 106 Agreement – update (see 3) above)

5)          Any other planning matters received by the 8th November 2016


6            Accounting matters

1)                      To approve accounts and sign cheques

2)                      Other


7            Templecombe Scout Group Report/Scout Hut – C Hukins

1)                     Scout Hut proposals -  update


8            Village Hall – A Haskell/T Loader

1)                      Quotations for rendering Village Hall  – update

2)                      Other


9            Templecombe Community Emergency Plan – update (J Grierson/R Cave)


10          Highway Matters 

1)                     Road Scheme – update/ report on sub-committee meeting held on the 2.11.16

2)                     SSDC – Winter Service 2016/2017 – collection of salt – 3.12.16

3)                     Community Speed watch in Templecombe – update if applicable

4)          Village Christmas Trees 2016 - update

5)          Other – Clerk will update on reported highway matters (if applicable)




11          Footpaths


12          Tree Warden’s Report


13          Burial Ground/ Closed Churchyard

1)                     Maintenance of closed Churchyard and Burial Ground – update

2)                     Pre-School Shed – update

3)                     Strimmer repair – update

4)          Other items that may arise that may need dealing with prior to next meeting


14          Newsletter


15          Recreation Ground Matters/Children’s Play Area

Play Area

1)          Weekly/Quarterly/Annual Play Area Inspection Reports

Following matter in need of attention or updating:-

a)          Fence in North-East corner   – update (G Wilson)

b)          Repair to safety mats – Play Area – update

c)                     Cone Climber – loose bolts – update

d)          Toddler swings unit – replacement swing

Social Club

1)          Social Club Report (C Hukins/C James)



16          Any other business/items for Agenda for next meeting on the 13th December 2016.  Deadline for agenda items is Monday 5th December 2016.



 Signed …....................................dated 2.11.16            Clerk/RFO